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In more than twenty years of helping leaders create high-performance cultures and accelerate growth, I’ve identified four key factors that must be in place for a leader to execute strategy efficiently. Without these elements, execution can fail—even when it’s based on a mature strategy. The Four Keys to Effective Strategic Execution—Leverage, Environment, Alignment, and Drive—represent solutions to the 36 Execution Obstacles and form the L-E-A-D Formula™ outlined in www.ExecutionIsTheStrategy.com.

The following four eCourses comprise the Four Keys to Efficient Strategic Execution (each one is a 13-week eCourse):


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What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do (6-Week eCourse)
The Exhaustion Cure (21-Day eCourse)
Find More Time (8-Day eCourse)
Leave the Office Earlier (10-Day eCourse)

Announcing the ALL-NEW 2014 Productivity Academy! LIVE with Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro®!

All-New, Innovative Content Using the P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E© Model™

At The Productivity Pro, Inc., we average 100 emails a year asking, “When is Laura going to be presenting a seminar I can attend?” Now’s your chance—even if you have to fly in for the event! Laura Stack will present a public seminar in Denver, Colorado, on September 26, 2014. (This Academy is actually the “kick-off” event for those enrolled in our one-year Productivity University, but we are also accepting registrations from those who wish to attend the seminar only.)

DATE: Friday, September 26, 2014
TIME: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Marriott Denver South, Lone Tree, CO

Laura Stack will use her all-new, innovative, copyrighted P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E© Model™ to help YOU become a Productivity Pro! HOW PRODUCTIVE ARE YOU? Take the assessment now!

The Productivity University with Laura Stack

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Enroll in The Productivity University AND join us in Denver for the Productivity Academy, and you’ll save $150! Regularly $800 for both programs. Purchase together and pay only $650. To choose this option,


Join Laura Stack’s NEW Group Coaching Program: The Productivity University!

Are you a senior leader wanting to leverage your time more effectively? A mid- to senior-level manager wanting to get things done more efficiently? An emerging leader wanting to up your game? An individual contributor wanting to get greater value out of your investment of time? Here is the opportunity for anyone at any level to achieve their personal productivity goals!

Laura hosted a group coaching program earlier this year that was so wildly successful, she decided to start another group—this one for a YEAR. Join your colleagues for the equivalent of a one-year master’s degree in personal productivity. If you’ve wanted to hire a coach to help you, empower yourself to improve and go back to school! Get the equivalent of an Advanced Degree in Productivity, starting this fall!

Starting in October 2014 (following the Productivity Academy kick-off event), you’ll participate in a monthly group webinar with Laura Stack. The following three weeks, you’ll join the group on a weekly coaching call with a Productivity Pro® certified coach. You can add optional one-on-one coaching calls and self-development resources for the equivalent of office hours with the professor. The group will continually interact through a private Facebook Group to ask questions and give answers.

The classes (both webinars and calls) will be on Mondays, leaving you ready to hit the ground running.

1.   September: Productivity Academy kick-off (optional)

2.   October:      P = Preparation month

3.   November:  R = Reduction month

4.   December:  O = Order month

5.   January:       D = Discipline month

6.   February:     U = Unease month

7.   March:          C =  Concentration month

8.   April:             T = Time Usage month

9.   May:               I = Information month

10. June:             V = Vitality month

11. July:               E = Equilibrium month

12. August:         Graduation!

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Webinars: 10:00 AM pacific/11:00 AM mountain/12:00 PM central/1:00 PM eastern

Calls: 8:00 AM pacific/9:00 AM mountain/10:00 AM central/11:00 AM eastern

If you have a conflict that week, don’t worry-you’ll receive all the recordings to learn on your own time.

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Join The Productivity Pros® Individual Coaching and Self-Development Program

If you’re seeking peak performance, personal productivity, life balance, and success, The Productivity Pros individual coaching program provides a forum to discuss your challenges and gain insights from a group of like-minded colleagues and a personal consultant. This in-depth growth experience is for people who are very serious about skyrocketing their performance at work and in life. If you’re ready to improve dramatically—personally and professionally—here’s your opportunity to be immersed in Laura Stack’s methods and BECOME A PRODUCTIVITY PRO®!

The one-year program includes:

1. ASSESSMENT. An assessment of your professional and personal challenges and goals, as well as pre- and post-testing to measure your progress.

2. PRIVATE COACHING CALLS. A one-hour personal coaching call each month with a Certified Productivity Pro® Coach and access to your coach via email in between.

3. GROUP WEBINARS. Enrollment in the Productivity University beginning October 6, 2014. Monthly one-hour group webinars for ten months (the first Monday of the month), including handouts and recording.

4. GROUP COACHING CALLS. Participation in three weekly one-hour group conference calls each month for ten months (the 2nd through 4th Mondays each month), including worksheets and recording. Get input from a group of like-minded peers.

5. ACADEMY ATTENDANCE. Attendance at the Productivity Academy on September 26, 2014.

6. BOOK LIBRARY. Autographed copies of all six of Laura’s books to reference during your coaching calls as needed.

7. RESOURCES. Self-development educational resources by Laura Stack provided each month for further study, including videos, online training, audios, and eBooks as appropriate for that month’s focus.

8. ACCOUNTABILITY. “Homework” and action plans from your coach add the element of accountability.

9. GROUP FORUM. Participation in a private Facebook group to request advice from your group, your coach, and Laura Stack.

10. CERTIFICATION. At the end of the program, you’ll be given an assessment to test your knowledge and implementation of the materials. Successful applicants will receive a certificate of completion, suitable for framing, signed by Laura Stack, designating you as a Productivity Pro®.

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Enroll in The Productivity Pros AND join us in Denver for the Productivity Academy, and register for the Productivity University and you’ll save $800! Regularly $3800 for all three programs. Purchase together and pay only $3000. To choose this option,


Join Laura Stack’s Productivity Pro® Elite Advisor Program™: A Licensed Distributorship of Productivity Pro® Content

Are you a financial advisor, management consultant, or executive coach? Do you need to help your clients run more productive practices? When they express business challenges, do you have the tools to help them…or is productivity a little out of your domain? When you become a Productivity Pro® Elite Advisor, you’ll become a trusted advisor with a full arsenal of productivity resources to provide solutions to their biggest challenges—ones you can’t solve on your own. Partner with The Productivity Pro, Inc. to distribute our content to help your clients grow their businesses and succeed in life.

The Annual Productivity Pro® Elite Advisor program includes:

1. PRODUCTIVITY ACADEMY. Attendance at the annual Productivity Academy on Friday, September 26, 2014, in Denver, Colorado (or credit for future Academy).

2. PRODUCTIVITY UNIVERSITY. Enrollment in the Productivity University beginning October 6, 2014 to train you in the model, which includes monthly group webinars with Laura and weekly teleseminars with a Certified Productivity Pro® Coach (with recordings if you can’t attend live).

3. LIVE SPEECH BY LAURA FOR YOUR CLIENTS. An annual visit from Laura to speak to a group of your clients in person (advisor covers the expenses). This is a great way to kick off your program and introduce your affiliation.

4. CONSULTING CALLS. A one-hour call WITH LAURA each month and unlimited email access as needed.

5. TRAINING VIDEOS. Receive a monthly 3-5 minute video from Laura covering an aspect of the P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E Practices Model™ that your clients and prospects might be facing in their businesses. Includes a transcript and one-page PDF “training blueprint” with talking points, discussion questions, and an interactive exercise for you to coach your client.

6. EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES. Each video will include educational resources on the topic to pass along to your client for further study, including an eBook and PDF summary sheet, checklist, or chart. Use these materials to offer to help them in that particular area and set up an appointment.

7. LEARNING MANAGEMENT PORTAL. All materials will be posted to a password-protected membership site for on-demand access. Post your question to the private forum to get input from other Advisors.

8. BOOKS. Autographed copies of all six of Laura’s books to reference during your coaching calls as needed.

9. CONTENT LIBRARY. Access to the Laura Stack library of training videos for your hosted client meetings, lunch-n-learns, conferences, etc., available by request after consultation (maximum of one per month).

10. CREDENTIAL USE. Participants will be able to use the designation, “Productivity Pro® Elite Advisor” on their business materials.

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  1. Hi Laura, are there are Productivity Academy events in UK ?

    • Hi Tom! I don’t have any live events scheduled outside the US. You are welcome to sign up for the virtual programs.