LEVERAGE 13-Week eCourse

LEVERAGE eCourse: This is the first of a four-part series outlining the L-E-A-D Formula™ from Laura Stack’s book, Execution IS the Strategy, which represent the Four Keys to Successful Strategy Execution. The First Key is LEVERAGE. This 13-week eCourse explores how to use your leaders (the input force), your team members (your levers), and your resources (your fulcrum) to your maximum advantage. Do you have the right people and drivers in place to achieve your strategic priorities? If not, then you have a talent/resource issue.

In the strictest sense, a lever is a simple machine with a rigid beam that pivots on a fulcrum to magnify an input force, so the resulting leverage can move heavy objects. The concept of leverage works equally well in the workplace. An efficient organization is one that operates with leverage already in place.

The 13-week series covers:

Week 1—Open Door or Closed: Balancing Approachability Against Authority

Week 2—Embracing Chaos: The Reality of Modern Leadership

Week 3—Maximizing ROI: Continuous Improvement as a Core Value

Week 4—The Good Manager: Building Your ROI by Building Your Team’s

Week 5—The Magic Touch: What’s Your Special Productivity Habit

Week 6—Undeniable Competence: How to Be Superb At What You Do

Week 7—The Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Translating Learning Into Action

Week 8—Talent Transformed: Tips for Developing Your Employees

Week 9—Patching Productivity Holes: New Thinking About Handling Productivity Weaknesses

Week 10—Avoiding the Technology Trap: Leveraging Your Tools Without Letting Them Leverage You

Week 11—The Leader’s Dilemma: No One Should Be Indispensable — Not Even You

Week 12—Excellence, Planning, and Effort: The Keys to Purposeful Productivity

Week 13—Output, Not Busywork: The True Key to Productivity

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