DRIVE 13-Week eCourse

DRIVE eCourse: This is the fourth of a four-part series outlining the L-E-A-D Formula from Laura Stack’s book, Execution IS the Strategy, which represent the Four Keys to Successful Strategy Execution. The Fourth Key is DRIVE. This 13-week eCourse focuses on your team’s path to productivity, how to remove obstacles from your team’s path, speed things up, and remove time wasters. Are your organization’s leaders, teams, and employees agile enough to move quickly once the first three pieces of this list are in place? If not, you have a speed/agility issue.

As a leader, your greatest importance may lie in clearing the way forward for your team members. This involves smoothing out the speed bumps and removing any obstacles that block task execution, particularly the procedural ones. Think of yourself as a bulldozer.

The 13-week series covers:

Week 1—Agile Project Management: Refining the Tactics of Productivity

Week 2—Facing Down the Beast: Understanding and Overcoming the Bureaucratic Mindset

Week 3—Worn Out On the Way to Great Thoughts: Dealing with Overwork, Overwhelm and MDD

Week 4—The Managerial Bulldozer: Removing Obstacles to Your Team’s Success

Week 5—Breaking Parkinson’s Law: Six Ways to Deliberately Constrain Your Workflow

Week 6—Awesome Efficiency: Five Ways to Maximize Team Productivity

Week 7—Breaking It Down to Move It Forward: How to Simplify the Complex

Week 8—Productivity vs. Paralysis: On Accepting the Reality of Imperfection

Week 9—Getting Started: Translating Ideas Into Action

Week 10—Self-Discipline: Controlling Non-Productive Urges at the Team Level

Week 11—Crises and Firefighting: How to Avoid Managing by Exception

Week 12—Recovering Your Common Sense: How to Rein in Information Overload

Week 13—The Positive Negative: When Don’t is the Right Strategic Choice

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