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We are looking forward to working with you on your upcoming event. This page addresses the details needed to create a seamless, easy experience for you. If your questions are not answered here, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Pre-Program Questionnaire: Please complete our Pre-Program Questionnaire as soon as possible. Your answers to these questions help Laura and our team fully prepare for your event.

Meeting Planner Handbook: Download this Meeting Planner Handbook which includes:

  • Meeting Planner Commitment
  • Laura Stack’s Introduction
  • Audio-Visual Requirements & Room Set-Up
  • W-9 Form
  • Eductational Resources

Photos of Laura: Visit Laura’s photo page to download images to use in your event materials.

Audio/Visual Setup Preferences: Visit our A/V setup preferences page for information on preferred room set-up.

Laura’s Introduction: Download Laura Stack’s introduction in PDF format.

Laura’s Bio: Visit our About Laura page, or download a one-page color PDF of Laura Stack’s bio to use in your program materials. For your convenience, we have also provided text versions for download in Word at one-page, 125 word, and three sentence lengths.

Book Discount Order Form: Many clients like to pre-order copies of Laura’s Books for event attendees. Download this Discount order form to receive significant discounts off retail pricing for your event.