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Announcing the Productivity Academy 2014!
LIVE with Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro®
All-New, Innovative Content Using
the P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E © Model


At The Productivity Pro, Inc., we average 100 emails a year asking, “When is Laura going to be presenting a seminar in my city?”

Laura Stack is presenting a rare public seminar in Denver, Colorado, so here’s your chance…even if you have to fly in for the event!

Laura Stack will use her all-new, innovative, copyrighted P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E© Model™ to help YOU become a Productivity Pro! You’ll see which of the ten dimensions of productivity is your biggest opportunity. Are you Prepared to have a productive day? Do you Reduce timewasters? Are you Organized around your priorities? Do you maintain personal Discipline? Do you manage Uneasiness and unrest? Are you able to Concentrate on critical tasks? Do you control your Time effectively? How do you manage the flow of Information? Do you have a high level of personal Vitality? Are your personal and work lives in Equilibrium?

HOW PRODUCTIVE ARE YOU? Take the assessment now!

DATE: Friday, September 26, 2014
TIME: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Marriott Denver South, Lone Tree, CO


Become a Productivity Pro® at the The Productivity Academy!

Laura Stack will use her all-new, innovative, copyrighted P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E© Model™
The Productivity University with Laura Stack

Learning Objectives

PREPARATION. Get ready to have a productive day! Set goals, plan, and prioritize your activities. Translate your lofty, long-term goals into actionable tasks you can work on today.

REDUCTION. Eliminate things that slow you down! Evaluate commitments, inefficiencies, and meetings. Discover your low-value activities and focus on the important.

ORDER. Get organized! Use Laura’s C-O-R-E, 6D, and Space methodologies to regain control. Create the systems you need to stay on top of things.

DISCIPLINE. Maintain productive behaviors! Practice self-control, eliminate procrastination, and reduce perfectionist tendencies. Focus on doing what you should be doing, rather than what you want to be doing.

UNEASE. Use stress positively! Recognize your signs of overload, increase flexibility, and control your emotions. Maintain control when pushed to the limit.

CONCENTRATION. Stay on target and stop multi-tasking! Learn the four T-Y-P-Es of distractions, discover amazing focus techniques, and achieve a state of F-L-O-W. Discover how to maintain focus on the task at hand.

TIME MASTERY. Manage your activities effectively throughout the day! Discover your biggest time wasters, communication obstacles, and scheduling inefficiencies. Run your life, rather than letting it run you.

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT. Use technology to boost output! S-H-A-R-E your information, manage your email and keep an empty inbox, and discover cool new technologies. Keep track of the deluge of information effortlessly.

VITALITY. Focus on yourself! Boost your energy levels, discover how health impacts productivity, and practice good self-care. Increase your capacity, so you can perform at your best.

EQUILIBRIUM. Spend time correctly across all areas of your life! Articulate your core values, your personal mission statement, and discover what “balance” means for you. Make the proper personal choices and work at a realistic level.

Who should attend?

This seminar is for professionals who want to achieve exceptional performance and productivity in all areas of their lives. It’s applicable to any level of employee in any kind of company or organization, including:

  • Staff and middle management level “office” and “staff” positions such as marketing, admins, IT, HR, PR, operations, purchasing, etc.
  • Leaders and managers in small or large corporations, including team leaders, first level supervisors, mid-level managers, and key executives, who want to provide coaching to their employees. Entrepreneurs and business owners who need to spend a majority of their time on revenue-producing activities and reduce the administrative burden.
  • Salespeople, such as financial services, professional services, insurance, real estate, pharmaceutical, business owners.
  • Human Resource executives, who need assistance in the performance review process creating development plans for employees with low personal productivity and performance

Hotel information

For you out-of-towners, the Denver Marriott South in Lone Tree has a workout room, full-service restaurant, great bar, concierge room with breakfast for Gold/Platinum level members, and a Starbucks! Special room rate of $99 if booked by September 11, 2014 by using this link or calling 1-800-686-2767.


Your $197 registration fee includes an online assessment (pre-work), a detailed participant workbook, and a one-year subscription to Laura’s weekly productivity bulletin and video series.


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Questions? Email [email protected] or call 303-471-7401. See you there!