ALIGNMENT 13-Week eCourse

ALIGNMENT eCourse: This is the third of a four-part series outlining the L-E-A-D Formula from Laura Stack’s book, Execution IS the Strategy, which represent the Four Keys to Successful Strategy Execution. The Third Key is ALIGNMENT. This 13-week eCourse explores how to get your team members on board with your mission, define what the collective goals will be, and determine how to get there. Do your team members’ daily activities move them toward the accomplishment of the organization’s ultimate goals? If not, then you have a communication/productivity issue.

Like a conductor of a symphony, today’s leader is out front watching, keeping everyone on the right track, steering team members toward the organization’s strategic priorities, and listening to their best ideas on how to get there.

The 13-week series covers:

Week 1— Stop Thinking and Start Acting: Seven Tips for Making Executive Decisions

Week 2— Teaching the Mission: Helping Your Team Understand and Achieve Alignment

Week 3— Shaping Your Destiny: Aligning Your Mission With Your Organization’s

Week 4— A Better Measure of Success: Value Yourself, Value Your Time

Week 5— Active Alignment: Strengthening Your Team Via Goal-Setting

Week 6— Beyond the Talk: Why Only Performance Matters

Week 7— The Teamwork Triangle: Building a Reliable Workplace Team

Week 8— Promises to Keep: Productive and Reliable Goal-Setting Strategies

Week 9— Managing UP: Maximizing Efficiency for Your Boss’s Sake

Week 10— Serving Two Masters: Dividing Your Attention Without Diluting Your Efforts

Week 11— The Execution Continuum: Your Means of Spinning Victory from Chaos

Week 12— Trusting Your Skills: The Value of Unquestioning Faith in Your Abilities

Week 13— Withstanding the Pain: How to Accept and Act on Constructive Criticism

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