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Nadine Balabanoff, Office ManagerNadine Balabanoff, Office Manager
Phone: 303-471-7401 x3 | Email: [email protected]

Nadine handles all in-office functions for The Productivity Pro, Inc., including billing, customer service, shipping, administration, vendor partnerships, product fulfillment, seminar registrations, and LEADERSHIP USA™ operations.

John Stack – Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (720) 642-9982 | Email: [email protected]

John Stack - Chief Operating Officer

John is the Chief Operating Officer for The Productivity Pro, Inc. and the Regional Director for LEADERSHIP USA(tm) COLORADO. LEADERSHIP USA(tm) is a membership organization that offers high-quality executive education for leaders of our member companies, via a monthly learning event with world-class instructors, who present on diverse topics. Our offerings supplement established leadership programs within larger corporations and provide an outsourced leadership development resource for small-to-medium-sized companies. Since it can be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming for companies to bring instructors in-house each month, we bring them to our member community.

Meagan Stack – Training Specialist
Phone: 720-334-1695 | Email: [email protected]

Meagan Stack - Training SpecialistAs you probably guessed from her last name, Meagan is the daughter of our President & CEO, Laura Stack, and they are real-life doppelgangers. Beginning in high school, where Meagan won the DECA International Championship in Business Administration and was the president of the Future Business Leaders of America, Meagan has had her sights set on becoming a professional speaker and trainer. She won the highly-coveted Boettcher Scholarship (a full ride in Colorado), which she chose to take to Colorado State University (CSU). While at CSU, Meagan was an orientation leader, worked at the College of Business, served in the Career Center as a mock interviewer, and taught a Finance study group. She completed internships in the Human Resources departments at Arrow and Johns Manville. Meagan graduated from CSU as an Honors Scholar with Distinction, Magna Cum Laude, with a Business Administration degree with triple concentrations in Organization and Innovation Management, Finance, and Human Resource Management. Meagan was honored by the College of Business as the top graduating senior in Organization and Innovation Management. While working on her Master’s degree in Adult Education and Training at CSU, she continues working at Johns Manville in the training department and expects to complete her formal education in fall 2018.

Laura Stack - President and CEO of The Productivity Pro, Inc.Laura Stack – President and CEO
Phone: 303-471-7401 x2 | Email: [email protected]

In 1992, Laura Stack founded The Productivity Pro, Inc. and remains its primary strategist. Laura is the mastermind behind the innovative content in our workshops, books, blogs, articles, and website. For over 25 years, her keynotes and seminars have helped leaders, teams, and employees execute efficiently, improve output, and build high-performance cultures. In 2017, Laura founded LEADERSHIP USA(tm), the leadership development arm of our company, providing monthly learning events for leaders of our member organizations in affiliated regions across the country.

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