Elite Advisor Distributorship™

Join Laura Stack’s Productivity Pro® Elite Advisor Distributorship™:
A Licensed Distributorship of Productivity Pro® Content

Need to help your clients run more productive practices? When they express business challenges, do you have the tools to help them? Become a Productivity Pro® Elite Advisor, and become a trusted advisor with a full arsenal of productivity resources to provide solutions.

Productive Practice Laura Stack

The Annual Productivity Pro® Elite Advisor program includes:
1. PRODUCTIVITY ACADEMY. Attendance at the annual Productivity Academy on Friday, September 26, 2014, in Denver, Colorado (or credit for future Academy).
2. PRODUCTIVITY UNIVERSITY. Enrollment in the Productivity University beginning October 6, 2014 to train you in the model, which includes monthly group webinars with Laura and weekly teleseminars with a Certified Productivity Pro® Coach (with recordings if you can’t attend live).
3. LIVE EVENT WITH LAURA. An annual visit from Laura to speak to a group of your clients in person (advisor covers the expenses). This is a great way to kick off your program and introduce my work.
4. CONSULTING CALLS. A one-hour coaching call each month and unlimited email access to Laura as needed.
5. TRAINING VIDEOS. Receive a monthly 3-5 minute video from Laura covering an aspect of the P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E Practices Model™ that your clients and prospects might be facing in their businesses. Includes a transcript and one-page PDF “training blueprint” with talking points, discussion questions, and an interactive exercise for you to coach your client.
6. EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES. Each video will include educational resources on the topic to pass along to your client for further study, including an eBook and PDF summary sheet, checklist, or chart. Use these materials to offer to help them in that particular area and set up an appointment.
7. LEARNING MANAGEMENT PORTAL. All materials will be posted to a password-protected membership site for on-demand access. Post your question to the private forum to get input from other Advisors.
8. BOOKS. Autographed copies of all six of Laura’s books to reference during your coaching calls as needed.
9. CONTENT LIBRARY. Access to the Laura Stack library of training videos for you to project for hosted client meetings, lunch-n-learns, conferences, etc., available by request after consultation.
10. CREDENTIAL USE. Participants will be able to use the designation, “Productivity Pro® Elite Advisor” on their business materials.

INVESTMENT: $10,000 annually, or $5,000 annually with no live visit from Laura.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This program is NOT a certification; it doesn’t include a train-the-trainer license or the ability to give workshops or perform Laura Stack material, or give training seminars on the content provided. The Productivity Pro® Elite Advisor program™ is a distributorship that allows Advisors to share educational materials with their clients in private practice (lawyers, doctors, accountants, business leaders, etc.) for their personal use on running a more productive practice. This is a license for the advisor only (your clients aren’t authorized to then further distribute the materials within their larger organizations).