To read additional testimonials from recent clients, go to Laura Stack’s LinkedIn Page. Download a printable testimonial letter.

Delighted Clients of Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro

Who knew that it was possible to create extreme excitement within a group of conference goers to dive into personal organization through better e-mail management and utilizing Microsoft Outlook to its fullest? It turns out that it is! Laura Stack’s presentation at our annual training conference was an impactful session that had the 100+ attendees fired up to get back to their desktops and implement the organizational strategies and philosophy that Laura discussed during her three hour session. Laura kept the group engaged and imparted her knowledge through humor, storytelling, and enthusiasm. I know the benefits of our time with Laura will be felt in our organization for years to come.
Mark Luthman – President, Touchstone Golf

Wildly engaging, enthusiasm for days, humorous, and inspiring…these are just a few of the many superlatives to describe Laura’s passion for spreading the gospel of productivity! She is “the real deal” folks – best of all…she’s taught this “old dog” some valuable “new tricks” – a fact for which I am deeply grateful. Whether it be her world-class speaking engagements, her fun and informative blog messages, or the extraordinarily insightful texts she has expertly crafted – make no mistake – Laura is without question THE leading authority on the topic of productivity. As such, Laura has my full professional endorsement! You can’t go wrong with Laura in your corner.
Andrew Lawrence Vice President – Enterprise Learning & Personal Development – Human Resources at SCL Health

Laura definitely lives up to her moniker “The Productivity Pro”! I attended a full-day seminar by Laura called “What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do” and was thrilled to discover you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! I came away with great ideas I could implement right away to help me save countless hours at work. Laura is an energetic, funny presenter and provides innovative, fresh content I’d not heard before. If you’re looking for a great productivity keynote speaker or workshop presenter for leadership conferences, sales kick-offs, or management meetings, I’d highly recommend Laura!
Deanna Cauley, VP Talent Management at Red Robin

Ms. Laura Stack’s program received the highest scores in the 13-year history of the Institute for Management Studies (IMS) in Cleveland! From the 83 participants, the workshop received a perfect 7.0 for “Effectiveness of the Speaker” and 6.8 for “Value of the Content.” No one rated the workshop’s level as “Too Low” or the pace as “Too Slow.” Managers especially valued learning about task management, how to minimize interruptions, organizing with Outlook, prioritizing, effectively saying “no”, how to set boundaries, and recognizing self-imposed challenges to time management. Among attendee feedback was the following: “The best development opportunity I have ever attended.” “My favorite speaker ever.” “Laura Stack’s energy and humor made learning fun.” “Fantastic – an engaging, informative and relevant educational experience.”
Don Gorning, Chair, Institute for Management Studies Cleveland

Laura is knowledgeable, entertaining and engaging as a speaker, making her message both appealing and real.  She’s a pro as a presenter, not just a productivity pro!
Linda Gravett, Chair, 2017 NKY Chamber Women’s Initiative Annual Breakfast

Laura Stack’s session with a group of our seasoned operations managers was eye-opening. We all learned new ways to be more productive with the tools we already have. I’ve never seen each of our seasoned, experienced operations managers so engaged in a session. Many of our senior and mid-level leaders were wowed by what they learned and have already begun using the new techniques with their teams. This was the second time I’ve seen Laura facilitate a session, and I noticed that she truly tailored her content and her approach for each group. The entire experience of engaging her to work with us was wonderful—Laura and her team embrace high standards of productivity and professionalism, and it showed at every step of the way.
Mary Pawlowski, Manager, Learning Design
Piedmont Natural Gas

Thank you! The content was terrific. I’m the Sr Vice President of Field Operations for the company, which basically means I’m responsible for the sales and profitability results for our 75 franchises. What I enjoyed most about your presentation was that it was not only engaging but also practical in application. I’ve read everything from Covey’s system to “Getting Things Done,” and you presented time management in a way that is the easiest I’ve seen to digest and apply. Thank you for helping our system today!
John-Reed McDonald, SVP, Field Operations

Laura is an incredible speaker who takes practical information to improve productivity and efficiency and makes it interesting and fun! She has a great sense of humor and completely engaged our corporate and sales team. Laura motivated everyone to take steps to make their lives more productive and efficient. I, personally, have had great success implementing her ideas, tips, and tricks, and it is paying off with less time wasted and more peace of mind. Thank you Laura! It was a pleasure having you speak!
Molly Johnson, Vice President – Domestic Sales
Episciences, Inc.

Some of the quotes we received were, “Loved her energy; took away very helpful productivity tips; the time flew by—she was engaging; very practical information—some of the most practical teachings we have received. Thanks again! It was a pleasure to meet and work with you!”
Britten G. Hardie, Business Analytics Director

Laura provided real world situations and practical, simple solutions which provided all attendees with take a way’s that they could immediately implement in their work or personal lives to help get better control of their time and priorities. I highly recommend Laura as a speaker on any of the variety of topics she offers. She and her team are extremely responsive, helpful and work to make each event tailored completely to help you meet the needs and goals of your meeting. Laura’s entertaining and straightforward approach is so refreshing and we will definitely be inviting her back again in the near future to speak to our membership!
Valerie Van Dyke, Global Business Manager, HRG North America

Laura’s seminar brought to light how much power we have at our finger tips and don’t take the time to put it into practice. I am confident that my team and I all walked away with a few things that will impact our productivity.
George Pugliese, Area Director, Kronos

The 2015 MDRT Annual Meeting was a huge success! Your participation was instrumental in making the Annual Meeting a wonderful experience for our members. The Program Development Committee (PDC) spent a great deal of time selecting the right people for our program. We are so grateful they selected YOU! On behalf of the Executive Committee, thank you for your hard work, dedication to our process, and excellent presentation. We appreciate the enormous effort you put into preparing your message and delivering it with passion to the MDRT audience. Congratulations on a successful presentation.
Caroline A. Banks, President, Million Dollar Round Table

As a presenter, you are one of the best in the business. Your ability to use humor, personality, and maintain passion for excellence is absolutely phenomenal. Your mechanics of movement, eye contact, voice inflection, and gestures are second to none. I suspect that all rolls back to the passion you have for your chosen topic. The theory PWF as developed by you is sound, based on fact, and very relevant to the times we live rather than some overused, bizarre cliché like “You waste your time, you waste your life.” It was my high honor to meet you, and I look forward to seeing you again.
Lee Howe, Professional Development Manager, KIEWIT Energy Group

Laura is even better in person than she sounds in all her books, which is hard to imagine. Watching Laura work with our sales organization, and seeing the immediate impact she had, was overwhelming. Our top sales performers asked, ‘When can we have her back?’ Her processes and approaches to maximizing your productivity are tangible and easy to implement.
Laurie McDonald, Director, Sales Effectiveness, Kronos Incorporated

Laura is a dynamic and enthusiastic presenter. Attendees can feel her passion when she speaks. She offers creative ideas for getting things done. I know I have become more productive in the workplace due to Laura’s insightful, time-saving suggestions. She is an incredible resource who can help people be more productive not only at work, but also at home, leading to a greater work/life balance. It was a true pleasure to witness her skills in action once again.
Sheri Caldwell, Ohio SHRM

I want to thank you! You really delivered what, to us, was an unbelievably compelling, informative, and powerful keynote. I am so pleased that you were able to come to P&G and share your wisdom.
Amy E. Hagner, Delivery Leader, The Procter & Gamble Company

Thank you for speaking to our top leaders at Westar Energy. You were outstanding! Our leaders had some excellent and actionable items that they can add to their Capability Bucket and directly apply on the job.
Doug Sterbenz, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Westar Energy.

I am writing to thank you for the great learning experience you provided to me and over 320 leaders in my region. You have been the buzz since our meeting. Over 80% of our TMs rated you and the topic a 5, and the average score was a 4.7!
Lucia DiNapoli Gibbons, Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo.

I was thoroughly impressed with Laura Stack. She was uplifting, helpful, humorous and (above all) delivered exactly what we asked for. I cannot thank her enough for the short time she spent with our team—it was simply awesome. I highly recommend Laura Stack.
Joe McBreen, Chief Information Officer, St. Vrain Valley Schools.

When you really want to ‘Put your Productivity on’ (and don’t we all), you should rely on the Productivity Pro, Laura Stack. Laura will help you – like she helps me, daily, and many others – to be more productive, get more done, gain more results and do so sooner in the day. This is your opportunity to start winning, begin shining and get noticed as one of the most productive people in your circle, your business, on your staff or in your community.
Tim Jackson, CAE, CMP, President and CEO of Colorado’s new car dealer association.

You were a big hit! The evaluation form asked, ‘What did you like most about the instructor?’ and some of the comments were: Very interactive and everyone had fun; Engaging; Energy; She was on time, prepared, and very positive; Entertaining; Related well and adapted to the audience; Humor; Great personality and enthusiasm for the subject. It was a pleasure meeting you and look forward to working with you in the near future.
Paullette Lanzi, Retail Real Estate & Facilities, Verizon Wireless

Laura- You truly are incredible! You are the perfect speaker for any audience and the perfect person to partner with! You “get it”, so much more than an amazing presentation. You customized to our audience, used their buzz words and incorporated whatever I asked into the presentation. You have a great brand. Received terrific feedback from anyone I spoke to today. Thank you so much!
Steve Silver, HR Director, ARAMARK

Laura Stack gave us several new ideas that we were able to implement immediately within our organization, including scheduling techniques, email management, and meeting protocols. I received emails from participants following her presentation, reporting the early wins they were having with her methods.”
Roger Blythe, VP, Business Analysis, Chick-fil-A

I had no idea how much you were going to touch my life. You must have bugged my office, car, and home. There is no other way you could have hit every item directly on the head. I was amazed to say the least.
Tenita Mitchell, HR Manager, MetaMetrics, Inc.

Thank you again for participating in our first ever “Virtual” All Hands Administrator’s Meeting! You were fabulous and honestly one of our best moderated chat speakers. Your information was relevant, and as usual, your ability to relate on all levels and add humor to the subject really had the audience’s attention – even virtually. Great job!
Debbie Gross, Chief Executive Assistant, Office of Chairman & CEO, Cisco Systems

“The format (of the Microsoft Outlook Webinar) was outstanding. Watching Ms. Stack using the Outlook software while also explaining (quite well) what she was doing (and why) was extremely helpful. It would have taken me hours of screwing around with a Users Guide and the software to learn what was presented by Ms. Stack. The use of a ‘Master Task List’ and the ‘Daily Task List’ is extremely useful.
John Robinson, Partner, Robinson & Thompson

Your visit with our staff was amazing. More than I could have hoped for and just the right energizer to get us on track. The systems you helped us work out will keep us on track and our productivity numbers increasing. The staff sees a way to do their jobs and still have time to really communicate with our clientele. Your positive approach empowered all of us to seek higher levels and accomplish more. Thank you!
Montague Boyd, CFP; Senior Vice President; Investments, UBS Financial Services

Laura spoke to a group of our HR associates. She was energetic, engaging and clearly knowledge about the subject matter. Some team mates attended her session at a SHRM conference and brought back GREAT tips we have used since.
Patti Barnes, Senior HR Specialist at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

“Your message was a hit with our group.
Andrea L. Billingsley, Event Manager, Keller Williams

Laura’s subject matter certainly hit home with many of our employees. One employee, who attended her session… had already set up his tickler file and had it in use by the end of the day.
Nancy Sweeney, Manager Human Resources, American Textile Company

Ms. Stack was great speaker…her “true to life” experiences and viable solutions were wonderful.
Jacqueline H. Shaw, Chairman, Redstone Huntsville Chapter

She connects with each person in the class, such that each individual leaves with a feeling of empowerment and an ability to apply the information received.
Laurinda R. Crow, Plant Training Coordinator, Mobil Chemical Company

The information presented was timely and immediately applicable for me, both on and off my job.
Betty Adkisson, Senior Human Resources Representative, Blue Cross Blue Shield

You have the ability to take potentially dry subject matter and make it come alive for the attendees.
Don Loberg, ATB Supervisor, United States Department of Agriculture

I have seen many positive changes from our employees since your training. Interruptions have been reduced, and our office organization is improving each day.
John Lind, Supply Chain Team, Coors Brewing Company

Your enthusiasm certainly livened up our team, and you helped create an atmosphere for open and safe discussion on some difficult topics.
Robb Caseria, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Coors Brewing Company

In completing only a 1-day course, our managers made excellent and visible improvements in their skills.
Lori A. Trombetta, Regional Training Manager, Qwest Communications

Employees leave inspired, informed, and ready to take your ideas and put them into practice.
Lori E. Rademacher, Manager of Training and Development, Denver Water

I was scanning the room during your presentation and there were some of our people cracking smiles and laughing that hadn’t done so for a LONG time…that’s when you know you’re getting through with your presentation!
Mike O’Brien, Contracts Manager, Lockheed Martin

Laura makes you want to go out and DO!
Ed Tate, Senior Trainer, Denver Rocky Mountain News

Laura, you have accomplished our goals.
Bonnie McGee, Employee Relations Manager, Coca-cola Bottling Company

“…There were the tips that anyone could use, no matter what geographic market they are going after.
Linda Gabbert Keith, CPA, CSP, President, NSA Northwest

It’s always exciting to learn something that can help change our lives.
Karen Miller, Colorado Assessors Association

Laughter in the audience was evident that you contributed more than just a speech, it was like a dose of relaxation and put us all in a good, happy mood.
Chris C. Munoz, County Clerk & Recorder, Pueblo Court

You left them laughing—and you left them with a message.
Kib Shorey, Director of Client Relations, SunGard

Attendees left your training enthusiastic and eager to begin using the techniques you taught them.
Marge Graham, Manager, Global Training, Southco, Inc.

I’m back in the office practicing your recommendations for dealing with email! The comments we heard were terrific. You present with just the right combination of knowledge, enthusiasm and practical applications.
Teresa Stephenson, Executive Director, Western Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus (WACVB)

Below are additional Recommendations from Linked-In. Visit Laura Stack’s LinkedIn Page.

Laura was hired to speak for four sessions at our 2008 Annual Conference in Keystone, CO. She did such a great job, that there was ‘standing room only’ into the hallway to listen to her for every session! Great information and good sense of humor. Our clients enjoyed her very much!
Melissa Leon, Events Marketing Specialist, P2 Energy Solutions

Laura is a true professional and truly understands what is necessary to meet end results. Laura is always a professional with her dealings with us and knows what is required to get the job done and will go the extra mile to get the job done.
Ken Drudy, Director of Global Supply Chain, ACCO Brands Corporation/Day-Timers, Inc.

Thank you for your outstanding presentation at our Administrative Professional Day! You completely “wowed” our audience with excellent tips and tools for working smarter. And your style kept them engaged and entertained all morning. Plus, you were a dream to work with, and I hope we have the opportunity to do so again!
Christy McWard, Director, Marketing & Event Management, Center for Business & Technology

Laura Stack provided an outstanding service to our group with solid insights as to how we can become a more productive team. She is an expert in helping groups become more efficient in their everyday work life. Laura works closely with her clients to apply her area of expertise directly to a clients’ specific situation. She has a personable, high energy style that engages the audience throughout her program.
Mike D’Innocente, Channel Development Manager, MillerCoors

We had the pleasure of working Laura Stack and her team this year when she came to speak at our “Small Business Matters” series at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Being one of the oldest and largest chambers in the country, we have hosted many great speakers and Laura is one of the best. During the planning phase of our program she and her staff made certain that everything was set for a great event. Her presentation was fantastic, receiving comments, “Best speaker we’ve ever had here” and “Thanks for bringing Laura in, she’s so dynamic, entertaining, and informative.” Perhaps the best comment was “I’ve never heard a speaker give so much useful information in such a way that I can begin today taking advantage of the tips.” I can most assuredly endorse Laura Stack and her team. They do such a great job and I hope she’ll be able to come to the Metro Atlanta Chamber again soon.
Glen Gould, Director, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

Laura provides an extremely organized and energetic presentation with expert knowledge. The enthusiasm Laura has for teaching others is contagious. Our staff continues to implement her practical ideas to help them stay organized and get more work done in less time.
Alison Spindor, HR Communications Coordinator, Young Life

I have hired Laura to give presentations for my company and for a professional organization. Laura is a great, energetic speaker who is absolutely an expert on productivity both professional and personal. After both presentations I got great feedback from everyone in both groups. She does a wonderful job of working with the client prior to the event to be sure that her material meets the needs of the group. I would definitely hire her again and would absolutely recommend her for any group.
Jeannie Zaemes, Director, Marketing Communications, ZOLL

We hired Laura to create a customized presentation on time and efficiency for our Team and invited others from the company to attend. Approximately 85 people attended. The content of her presentation was timely and useful for everyone in the audience. She was personable, knowledgeable, and held everyone’s attention. I received many favorable comments on this presentation.
Daralyn Dostie, HR Manager, Encana Oil & Gas

It has been my pleasure to work with and develop a relationship with Laura. A direct report of mine went to an event where Laura was the keynote speaker and came back raving about what she had learned. I was so excited by what I heard I booked her immediately for an upcoming team building event. I have had two occasions to utilize Laura’s expertise. Both instances were for team development. Laura was delightful to partner with and the customized final product was perfect. I was very thankful for the upfront understanding Laura sought of the business and of the team. Laura is very personable which puts attendees at ease. She is able to modify a program seamlessly if she feels there is a need based on observation of audience feedback or request to do so. Laura knows her trade extremely well. I have watched Laura’s business flourish over the years. Her resources (website, books, and presentations) are full of insightful learning for any level within an organization. I highly recommend Laura’s services to anyone who is looking to be more productive!
Carin (Hess) Owen, Human Resources Director, Time Warner Telecom

Linens -n- Things used to conduct year end vendor meetings. I will always remember my favorite meeting. Laura was hired for our team building and group activities. The result was fabulous and to this day, we still talk about that meeting. It was extremely motivational and interesting. Laura’s ability to bring so many different personalities together to one common ground is an extreme gift. She brought great enthusiasm, excitement and accomplishment to our group and I am sure many others. In addition, the follow up after (to this day after 8 years) is tremendous. With exciting literature and updates, we always remember the importance of team building to bring success.
Karen Mckenna, Director of Purchasing, Linens N Things

Laura was a true professional. She provided personal and expert training for our staff on how to get organized.
Laura Good, PHR, Director of Human Resources, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Laura came and spoke to a group of people at StorageTek about her expertise – productivity, some years back. If only I could bottle her enthusiasm and energy! Since then, I have been looking for an opportunity to bring Laura back to speak. Her professionalism, consistent follow up, and desire to help others make her someone that I will always keep on a short list of people I would like to work with.
Marcelle Esposito, Sales Executive, StorageTek

Sunoco engaged Laura Stack to conduct a customized workshop on ‘Managing Multiple Priorities & Information Overload.” The response to this training has been tremendous. Evaluation scores put it among the top 3 in-house seminars we have offered. Laura is wonderfully enthusiastic and engaging. She offers a unique combination of expertise in time management, personal organization and skill with the tools available in Microsoft Outlook. I would highly recommend her to any organization desiring to increase employee productivity.
Barbara Mauntler, Sr. HR Specialist, Sunoco

When Laura Stack presented Organizing Your Office and Your Life at Ketchum, she did a great job of engaging our employees by being both informative and entertaining. The best part was that people could walk away and immediately begin using what they learned. Laura received high marks from the employee feedback for content and presentation. And—no surprise here—dealing with the Productivity Pro was a breeze! Laura is the most organized consultant I’ve ever worked with, and I highly recommend her.
Joyce Adler, SVP, Human Resources Director, Ketchum

Laura’s books have helped me so much as have her seminars. I have participated in webinars, hired her to speak for an association that I was a member of and gone to see her speak professionally on three separate occasions. She is energetic, focused and engaging! I complete endorse her as a professional time management expert.
Kim Flayhart, Vice President, Maryland Medical Group Management Association

Laura and I have worked on multiple projects together and she exceeded my expectations every time. Laura is extremely knowledgeable, sincere, kind and always focused on results. She listens to customer needs and tailors her deliverables to achieve maximum impact. She has lots of great ideas and is always willing to share them without hesitation. Laura is someone that you simply enjoy being around. A true professional in my book and someone that I am privileged to call my friend.
Eva J. Milko, Director, Business Program Mgmt, MillerCoors

High energy speaker with pertinent message.
Kerri Conner, REMAX International

I attended Laura’s presentation “Organize Your Office and Your Life with Microsoft Outlook” through the Colorado Society of Association Executives (CSAE). As a result I have done exactly what the title states. The information she provided made a world of difference for me in extracting myself from the email abyss.
Jeff Arnold, MAM, President, Association Services Management Company

I have been fortunate enough to work with Laura Stack in two capacities: First, through Microsoft, while providing marketing-related services and she was contributing expert content to Microsoft Work Essentials, an on-line site that helped people get the most out of their Microsoft Office suite of products. She is an excellent teacher and writer, and knows MSFT software inside out. Second, as a client. I worked on a short-term project for Laura, which involved introducing her software productivity expertise and superb public speaking skills to targeted diversity audiences in conjunction with publication of her second book. No one, I’m convinced, works harder than Laura Stack, or is as productive and effective at their jobs as she is. If you’re looking for a resource who can help your company “teach” people how to become more productive at work or how to achieve greater work/life balance, she should be the first person you call. She can deliver lessons via Web meetings, written course materials, or in person — and is equally effective in every medium. Laura has incredible energy, and is equal parts trainer, motivational speaker and life coach. Her ability to weave personal anecdotes throughout her presentations makes lessons more memorable and leaves people smiling and feeling better about themselves. And like her books, which are an enjoyable, easy read, she gives people hope that they, too, can conquer their most immediate work-related challenges by following her common-sense, easy to understand software and productivity tips. She’s the type of person you would want as an employee — or better still — as your next door neighbor. Or at the very least, at the top of the A-list in your personal contact database. Regardless how you meet her, you’ll be glad you did.
Nina Bondarook, PR/Marketing Consultant to Microsoft, Nina Bondarook & Associates

If you’re looking for a dynamic presenter who’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser, look no further. Laura was a speaker at the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) International Convention and Education Forum and brought the house down. Her room was packed, her audience enthralled, and her content was right on the mark. From the day we booked her, she took the lead and ran with it. She was a joy to work with – met every deadline, proofed every handout, and did it all with grace and charm. She was so easy to work with, she’s spoiled us; we’ll expect much more from the trainers we hire in the future. And her books added to the excitement – quickly selling out and providing great take-home information for attendees to apply in the workplace. She’s a winner! Susan Fenner Manager, Education & Professional Development IAAP
Susan Fenner, Manager, Education and Professional Development, International Association of Administrative Professionals

Laura is a great motivational speaker who is able to keep the audience engaged with her message on time management, productivity, and personal development. She excels as a motivational speaker for a breakout or workshop session as well as a general session speaker. She makes you “think” and always leaves the audience with several things to implement in their personal or professional life. Laura is kind and honest and a great person to work with.
Sherie Howell, CMP, CMM, Director of Conferences, A-S-K Conference Management Group

I have worked with Laura both as a workshop speaker for our trade association convention as well as smaller group meetings. She and her staff are wonderfully organized and friendly and Laura’s presentations are great. She delivers her message in an entertaining, but extremely professional, way. We would definitely recommend her.
Catherine Usher, Member Services Director, Specialty Tool and Fastener Distributor Association

Laura is the speakers’ bureau dream speaker! She is a thought leader in the field of personal productivity who inspires her audiences with tons of great take aways. Laura has excellent presentation skills and always gets rave reviews from clients. She is ethical, hard-working, punctual, and so very nice. Truthfully, I love working with her as an account representative because of her high spin off and repeat business that always follows her presentations. Plus she is a lot of fun! She is extremely generous; excellent at communications, and she is great at expressing genuine gratitude for every little thing. Everyone who meets Laura wants her for a friend. Consider yourself lucky if you get to work with her. One last thought – her peers love her, too. She was just elected Vice President and in two years will be President of the National Speakers Association.
Nancy Lauterbach, Account Executive, Five Star Speakers and Trainers

Laura spoke at our Western Region Credit Conference. She was great and received rave reviews from the audience! She was a pleasure to work with.
Jodi Owens, Credit Managers Association

From initially hiring Laura down to making her final preparations with her and her staff, they were excellent to work with. Her staff made the entire process easy and friendly. Laura herself is dynamite. She is highly motivated and fun. I heard her at a conference I attended in Reno; she was as bubbly for her presentation at 8:00 am as she was for her 4:00 pm. I highly recommend Laura for your next event; you will be very pleased with the whole experience.
Marsha Wynn, Maryville College

Laura is a highly professional and knowledgeable consultant who is capable of capturing any audience during her presentations – leaving them with life-long skills to use throughout their career.
Vivian Potter Mount, Director of Human Resources, Daniels Fund

Laura Stack is the productivity queen! I’ve hired her as a speaker for a professional association and observed her work. She brings practical and insightful lessons on how to make both your work and home life more productive and sane. I recommend Laura as both a speaker and an author. Everyone needs her productivity tips.
Lynne Eisaguirre, President, Workplaces That Work

Laura is a delight to work with. She’s dedicated to protecting her brand The Productivity Pro, a marvelous speaker (I heard her in action at the SHRM annual convention 2008) and a great author (I’m very impressed by her organization and clarity of thought in “Leave the Office Earlier“).
Mark Partridge, Partner, Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson LLP

We hired Laura to kick off our first annual “Enterprising Ideas” seminar. Wow! What a success! She delivered great content – very practical strategies that you could put to work immediately. Laura also excelled in relating to our clients. She was very personable and showed genuine enthusiasm for helping people. She was great! A++++ performance!
David Terry, Executive Director, WTAMU Enterprise Center

Laura came to the CSAE offices and helped me get my entire social media program set up in a few hours. We now have a LinkedIn group, a Facebook fan page, Twitter, a YouTube channel, a video podcast and iTunes feed, a blog, an email marketing service, an online survey, and MORE—all in one session. I received expert instruction and a procedure manual so I can continue on my own. Outside of her work for CSAE, what was even more impactful was what she did for me personally. The most amazing and best loved part of working with her was what she did after watching my day-to-day actions. She adjusted my email message screen and put in time-saving programs that are cutting my key strokes and making my technology life “FUN.” I’m actually more effective and efficient! Laura Stack is an efficiency expert. She sees the complex and is able to break this down into reasonable steps. Just the way she reorganized my desktop is so much easier, and it’s the little things that are beginning to mean a lot over the long haul. There is only so much time in the day. Laura is the only one I know who can actually add new high-value programs to my plate and handle the old tasks without going nuts or increasing time expenditure. I highly recommend her work!
Joan Tezak, Executive Director, Colorado Society of Association Executives