ENVIRONMENT 13-Week eCourse

ENVIRONMENT eCourse: This is the second of a four-part series outlining the L-E-A-D Formula from Laura Stack’s book, Execution IS the Strategy, which represent the Four Keys to Successful Strategy Execution. The Second Key is ENVIRONMENT. This 13-week eCourse explores the importance of shaping an agile organizational culture, encouraging change hardiness in your team members, and empowering employees to be shape strategy. Do you have the organizational atmosphere, practices, and culture that will allow your employees to easily support your strategic priorities? If not, you have a cultural/engagement issue.

Effective execution depends on establishing a productive, supportive work environment, which depends on workplace culture. So:

The 13-week series covers:

Week 1—Squeaky Wheels: Troublemakers or Drivers of Change

Week 2—Stop Thinking and Start Acting: Seven Tips for Making Executive Decisions

Week 3—No More Mediocrity: Making Meetings More Effective and Enjoyable

Week 4—Whistling Up an Orchestra: The Real Value of Teamwork in the Workplace

Week 5—Changing Direction: How to Keep Cultural Inertia from Limiting Productivity

Week 6—Dangerous Ideas: Successfully Implementing Innovation

Week 7—Outgrowing the Old: The Necessity of Change

Week 8—Overdoing It: When Continuous Improvement Stifles Innovation

Week 9—The Politics of Motivation: Who Really Owns Engagement

Week 10—Reasons for Optimism: The Results of the 2012 American Time Use Survey

Week 11—The Only Thing That Matters: rading Theory for Action

Week 13—Toward More Productive Leadership: Tips for Motivating Your Team