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Powerful, in-depth sessions – when your team wants and needs more than just a ‘talk.’ When they need ANSWERS and HOW-TOs. Productivity Pro Laura Stack delivers the impactful, career-changing ideas that will take your team to the next level.

These are a sampling of Laura’s most requested seminars and workshops. The following topics are available in 60-minute, 90-minute, half-day, full-day (or two half-day session) formats. This content may be presented as a seminar, workshop, webinar, or conference breakout session. Objectives may be mixed and matched to suit your training goals (click on an icon for a detailed description).

Workflow Mastery: Organize Your Time, Tasks, and Inbox Laura StackWorkflow Mastery: Organize Your Time, Tasks, and Inbox 

Laura Stack is better at workflow than 99.9999% of people in the world and is the skill that truly sets her apart from all productivity experts. It requires mastery of email handling, planning, scheduling, project, time, and task management, prioritization, and organization. Workflow is the “secret sauce” that separates ordinary performers from the extraordinary. Having these skills will set you apart from the rest. Your team will function at optimal levels with everyone using the same system. Laura’s method is bulletproof. Inboxes are empty, and multiple to-do lists are integrated into a single, consolidated system.

Stack AttackThe STACK ATTACK™: Mastering Your Workflow, Time, Tasks, Email

Laura STACK will help you ATTACK your organization, email, and time management systems. You will arrive with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, time management system, to-do lists, calendars, and an open mind. You will leave with an empty email inbox, a new organizational system, and a brand-new time management methodology. After this day, you will always know what to do with any piece of information that enters your life in the future. You will watch Laura’s demonstrations of how she actually runs her workflow and then receiving coaching and direction while you do it. This Microsoft certified Outlook expert will also leave behind 12 HOURS of online videos, so you won’t get “stuck” after she leaves.

Attack of the Productivity Suckers! The Four Things That Suck the Productivity Right Out of You…and How to Fight Back!Attack of the Productivity Suckers! The Four Things That Suck the Productivity Right Out of You…and How to Fight Back!

You work hard. You know how to make lists and check things off. You really want to be productive. But everyone and everything else keeps ruining your plans! So many things keep us from doing what we know we should be doing, and we are so distracted, it’s difficult to concentrate on high-value activities. In this funny, high-energy program, Laura Stack aka The Productivity Pro®, reviews the four main things that suck the productivity right out of you! Using fun cartoons, videos, exercises, and anecdotes, you’ll discover your biggest productivity suckers and take away some practical tools to defend yourself.

What To DoWhat to Do When There’s Too Much to Do

Is everyone at work tired of hearing “do more with less”?  Many people are already working as long and as hard as they can, and “productivity improvement” classes can be hard to swallow. Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro®, turns time management on its head and shows overwhelmed professionals how to DO LESS and ACHIEVE MORE. They’ll produce greater results and create significant impact on organizational goals.  Laura teaches her latest thinking using this innovative workflow formula to reduce task lists, reduce commitments, reduce distractions, reduce the glut of information, reduce inefficiencies, and reduce energy expenditure. Past clients using these systems and methods report savings of 90 minutes a day and higher productivity than ever before!

Become an Email Cracker-jack Laura StackBecome an Email Cracker-Jack with Laura Stack! Managing Microsoft Outlook and Dealing with Digital Overload

Microsoft Certified Outlook Expert Laura Stack is the Queen of Email Productivity. This seminar will give you solutions for some of your most challenging Outlook questions! You can select 90 minute, half day, full day, or two day workshop. Includes a reference workbook with screen shots and detailed, step-by-step instructions, as well as an optional 12-hour online followup training curriculum. Laura will help you overcome your fear of something fall through the cracks, because her system is bullet-proof! This session will teach you Laura’s Top Ten Strategies for Email Management.

Execution is the Strategy training Laura StackExecution IS the Strategy: How Productive Leaders Get Things Done Through Others

Laura Stack believes that creating a strategy isn’t the biggest leadership challenge—it’s executing the strategy. If you know your strategy is right on, how do you get your team to nail it? In this innovative program, Stack discusses how her L-E-A-D Strategy™ helps leaders quickly drive strategic initiatives and get great results from their teams. Organizations will create better results if leaders can create agile cultures, full of strategic thinkers.

High Performance Teams Laura StackHigh-Performance Teams: How To Make Your Team WORK!

Teamwork is the core foundation of your organization. When you can help your team members become more productive, cohesive, and synergistic, you’ll create an unstoppable force that can take your company anywhere you want to go. Laura Stack’s T-E-A-M model will help facilitate this shift. By helping employees think about how their actions impact others, tighten systems so things don’t fall through the cracks, and create office protocols to help each other save time, you’ll create a more productive team environment.

10 Halbits of Highly Productive People Laura StackTen Habits of Highly P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E People!

Productive people exhibit these ten traits: (1) Preparation, (2) Reduction, (3) Order, (4) Discipline, (5) Unease, (6) Concentration, (7) Time Mastery, (8) Information Management, (9) Vitality, and (10) Equilibrium. Using hysterical videos to illustrate how you should NOT to do things, Laura then shares the habit that professionals SHOULD use to perform at their productive best!

To discuss the development of a productivity program that specifically targets what YOU want your group to master – reach out to our business manager, Christine Page, to schedule a one-on-one conversation with Laura. It’s the best means of creating that perfect fit between speaker, content, and your audience.