The STACK ATTACK™: Mastering Your Workflow, Time, Tasks, Email

The Stack Attack - Mastering WorkflowLaura STACK will help you ATTACK your organization, email, and time management systems. You will arrive with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, time management system, to-do lists, calendars, and an open mind. You will leave with an empty email inbox, a new organizational system, and a brand-new time management methodology. After this day, you will always know what to do with any piece of information that enters your life in the future. You will watch Laura’s demonstrations of how she actually runs her workflow and then receiving coaching and direction while you do it. This Microsoft certified Outlook expert will also leave behind 12 HOURS of online videos, so you won’t get “stuck” after she leaves.

Download PDFThis is not a sit-and-watch seminar. This is a hands-on, overhaul-your-system, implement-new-techniques full-day work session. You will first learn my methods by watching Laura demonstrate on her computer and devices, projected on the screen. You’ll then be head down, working down the entire day while I assist you. You’ll learn how to integrate your email…with your smartphone…with your tablet…with your paper…with your laptop…with your online information…with your contacts…with your calendar…you get the point. You will change your Outlook settings, create rules, and integrate all your disparate devices and information into one seamless, productivity-boosting system.

Corporate Requirement: Microsoft Outlook 2010 or higher, Microsoft Exchange Server or

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