Become An Email Cracker-Jack with Laura Stack! Managing Microsoft Outlook and Dealing with Digital Overload

Become Email Cracker-Jack with Laura Stack! Managing Microsoft Outlook and Dealing with Digital Overload Microsoft Outlook Specialist Laura StackCertified Microsoft Office Outlook Specialist, Laura Stack, is the Queen of Email Productivity. This seminar will give you solutions for some of your most challenging Outlook questions! You can select 90 minute, half day, full day, or two day workshop. Includes a reference workbook with screen shots and detailed, step-by-step instructions, as well as an optional 12-hour online followup training curriculum. Laura will help you overcome your fear of something fall through the cracks, because her system is bullet-proof!

Download PDFThis session will teach you Laura’s Top Ten Strategies for Email Management.

  1. Reducing: reducing the volume of inbound messages
  2. Filtering: automatically removing, moving, or filing certain types of communication
  3. Converting: switching emails into meetings or to-do items
  4. Prioritizing: triaging the actions inside the emails and knowing what to do next
  5. Writing: responding quickly with emails that are actually read
  6. Scheduling: blocking out time to work on email without having it take over your day
  7. Alternating: using other tools except email to complete certain tasks
  8. Speeding: using templates, quicksteps, multi-actions, and short keys to perform email tasks more efficiently
  9. Emptying: learning a step-by-step process to get to Inbox Zero every day (where do they go?)
  10. Saving: stop using email folders and find what you want when you want it (no, your inbox is not a filing system either)

Book this session if you’ve ever asked yourself, “What do I do when I…” or “How do I…”

  • Already have an appointment on my calendar and someone sends another email related to it. How do I keep from copying/pasting all the time?
  • Want to copy an appointment from one day to another in one click?
  • Update the Start Date on a Task without opening the Task?
  • Have a Task already created, and then I get an email with additional instructions about it. How do I merge the two?
  • See my calendar while I’m in an email, so I don’t have to keep switching back and forth?
  • Am right in the middle of typing an email and promise someone I will do something. How can I make a reminder about that while I’m creating the email so I don’t forget?
  • Have thousands of emails in my inbox (I’ve been using my inbox like a filing cabinet) and am feeling overwhelmed?
  • Covet “Inbox Zero” but have no idea what that means or how to get there?
  • Want to put an appointment from my calendar directly on to someone else’s calendar without sending a meeting invitation?
  • Save my emails using a logical framework without creating a bunch of useless file folders I never reference?
  • Sent someone an email and don’t want to forget to follow up or try to remember to get the answer. How can I have the system notify me?
  • Have a question to ask a group of people, and I want them to “vote” without getting a million “Reply All” answers.
  • Want to keep my inbox empty but can’t keep up? I need a new processing methodology and email organizing system!
  • Want to reduce my inbox of all duplicate conversations without losing anything that has new content?
  • Only keep the last couple months of emails in my mailbox, while archiving the older data, but still be able to pull up my old messages.
  • Execute multiple commands at one time for an email, such as reply, print, and delete.
  • Stop copying myself on replies, so I can file and find emails again?
  • Only want to be alerted when important people send me messages and ignore the rest?

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