High-Performance Teams: How To Make Your Team WORK!

High-Performance Teams: How To Make Your Team WORKTeamwork is the core foundation of your organization. When you can help your team members become more productive, cohesive, and synergistic, you’ll create an unstoppable force that can take your company anywhere you want to go. Laura Stack’s T-E-A-M model will help facilitate this shift. We must all work together to keep from wasting each other’s collective time…

Download PDF…when someone hit’s “Reply to All” to 17 people just to say, “Me too!” or “Thanks!” it causes 17 people to hit the delete key. A collective groan goes up from the group as they read her response. She added nothing to the conversation and wasted everyone’s time…

…when a co-worker knocks on the closed door of another, who is trying to focus on an important project deadline, doesn’t ask if it’s a good time, and starts talking about his weekend…

… when a meeting attendee comments in a meeting, “That reminds me…” and takes the entire group down a rabbit trail…

…the collective productivity of the entire team falls. You know you wish you could tell people to stop certain behaviors, but you don’t want to be “the bad guy.” Laura’s program teaches the common courtesies that productive employees exhibit and develops protocols for more productive team interactions. By helping employees think about how their actions impact others, tighten systems so things don’t fall through the cracks, and create office protocols to help each other save time, you’ll create a more productive team environment.

Possible topics covered in Laura’s T-E-A-M model (depending on agenda):

T = TIME: Don’t waste each other’s time

Create effective email protocols
Run efficient meetings
Control technology (IM, text, cell)

E = ENGAGE: Think about your actions from another’s perspective

Communicate clearly and concisely
Understand time styles
Streamline your workflow

A = ACCOUNTABLE: Do what you say you’ll do

Get organized so things stop falling through the cracks
Track your commitments and pending items
Be reliable and follow-up as promised

M = MANAGE: Manage the environment

Avoid interruptions and “drop in’s”
Help your teammates focus
Maintain an awareness of your surroundings

Laura can help your leaders create and maintain the kind of environment that fosters team success for the long haul. If time allows, the team will generate its own code of conduct to guide future relationships and behavior. Through fun team-building activities, they will leave with increased cohesiveness, cooperation, and trust. Great for all-hands and department meetings!

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