Execution IS the Strategy: How Leaders Achieve Maximum Results in Minimum Time

Execution IS the Strategy: How Leaders Achieve Maximum Results in Minimum TimeThis presentation is based on Laura’s book of the same title (Berrett-Koehler). Laura Stack believes that creating a strategy isn’t the biggest leadership challenge—it’s executing the strategy. If you know your strategy is right on, how do you get your team to nail it? In this innovative program, Stack discusses how her L-E-A-D Strategy™ helps leaders quickly drive strategic initiatives and get great results from their teams. The pressures on an organization to move quickly mirror the pressures individuals face on a personal level. Organizations will create better results if leaders can create agile cultures, full of strategic thinkers.

Download PDFStack shows you how to make sure you’re ready for on-the-spot strategic execution. Her L-E-A-D Formula™ explains how to:

  1. LEVERAGE the people and resources you need to create an agile organization
  • Define the Value in Your Work: Your Personal ROI
  • Use the Five Why’s: Identify and Reduce Low-Value Work
  • Communicate and Agree Upon Priorities
  • Reduce Under-Delegation and Over-Management
  1. Establish an ENVIRONMENT where your employees are confident and capable enough to take the initiative and make on-the-fly changes
  • Describe the Challenge of Change Through an Employee’s Eyes
  • Develop a Culture of Speed: Implement Changes More Quickly
  • Understand How Employees’ Perceptions and Self-Talk Slow Them Down
  • Graph the Link Between Employee Performance and Stress
  1. Ensure that your team is in ALIGNMENT with the organization’s goals, so they’ll make the right strategic choices
  • Graph Your Team Performance Engagement Scale
  • Understand How To Spot and Coach Each Work Style
  • Manage the Dimensions of Effort and Emotion
  • Track Items You’ve Delegated Using Microsoft Outlook
  1. Remove obstacles, so they can DRIVE the organization forward quickly.
  • Make Decisions Faster and Avoid Over-Collaboration
  • Create a Productive Interruption Protocol for Your Team
  • Develop Effective, Efficient Meeting Guidelines
  • Stop Wasting Time with Poor Email Behaviors




The 36 Strategy Execution Obstacles


The 36 Strategy Execution Obstacles


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