Get Away From It All to Improve Your Productivity

  Want to know a sure way to improve your productivity? Take a vacation! Working non-stop without breaks is counterproductive, as is focusing on work to the exclusion of family, friends, and fun. Some people claim to be so swamped they don't have time for a break— not for vacation, not for a social life, not for anything. I am severely unimpressed by people who brag about the long hours they put in each week. All this tells me is they're not managing their time well. You have to figure out how to get the results your job requires, leave the office on time, and get home to your life. If you're working too many hours, perhaps you're not delegating properly…or you haven't hired enough people…or you don't trust your assistant…or you haven't learned to use your email program … [Read more...]

Are You Stuck to Your Schedule?

Feel like your're in a rut? Feeling over-scheduled? Do something off-schedule that brings you joy. Drop into a bookstore. Take the long way home so you can drive around a beautiful lake. Your wellness is important. Take some time for yourself. No guilt! Recharge YOUR battery! Even the most productive among us needs to take the time to recharge our batteries. We need recreation to re-create, restore and renew. Another name for down time is your LIFE. We're not "human doings" after all—we're "human beings." No wonder we feel tired when we're scrimping on our own lives! Some people are so used to living on the hamster wheel that they don't know how to be on vacation. It’s not fair if you only take "working vacations." A real vacation doesn't involve your laptop by the pool, a … [Read more...]

Get Out of Town! 5 Tips for Lightening Your Workload So You Can Take a Vacation

You work hard. You covet every day of vacation you’re entitled to. So why aren’t you using them? According to’s annual “Vacation Depravation” survey, nearly one-third of Americans do not always take their vacation days. In fact, Americans are likely to give back more than 421 million unused vacation days in 2005.  Before blaming your job for forcing you to surrender your precious time off, take a look at your own habits at work and home. The best way ensure that you don’t forego a single well-deserved day on the beach, on the slopes or just relaxing at home, is to increase your personal productivity. By tweaking the way you work and structure your day, you can get more done in less time and feel good about it. Best of all, you will never have to say no to a vacation again. … [Read more...]

Relaxation and leisure increase your productivity

It may seem a tad paradoxical, but you can't be productive if you don't know how to relax. Leisure activities and relaxation like reading, talking, playing games, and other non-gadget pastimes can reduce your stress levels and increase your energy.  Want to learn more? Check out these tips! 1. Step off the merry-go-round. If you've recently undergone a particularly busy spell, you may be addicted to going full-throttle. When your mind's sick and tired of working, but your body can't stop, you need to slam on the brakes. 2. Understand that rest isn't a bad thing. You don't feel guilty about going to the bathroom, so why feel guilty about resting? While too much rest can cut into your productivity, an occasional break is necessary to top up your energy reserves. 3. Set aside some "me" … [Read more...]