Are You Stuck to Your Schedule?

Feel like your’re in a rut? Feeling over-scheduled?

Are you stuck to your schedule?  by Laura Stack #productivity #balance

Do something off-schedule that brings you joy. Drop into a bookstore. Take the long way home so you can drive around a beautiful lake.

Your wellness is important. Take some time for yourself. No guilt!

Recharge YOUR battery!
Even the most productive among us needs to take the time to recharge our batteries. We need recreation to re-create, restore and renew. Another name for down time is your LIFE. We’re not “human doings” after all—we’re “human beings.” No wonder we feel tired when we’re scrimping on our own lives! Some people are so used to living on the hamster wheel that they don’t know how to be on vacation. It’s not fair if you only take “working vacations.” A real vacation doesn’t involve your laptop by the pool, a Blackberry while standing in line at an amusement park, or a side trip to meet with a client. It involves a brightly-colored drink with a paper umbrella in it and a hammock. If you’re used to operating in high gear all the time, this may be harder than you think—exactly why you need to take a vacation.

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  1. I love this advice! It keeps you feeling alive to mix up your schedule every now and then! A great reason to allow for some blank space in your calendar 🙂