Tune up Your Efficiency Engine: The Big Five Health Factors for Leaders

The Big Five Health Factors

Good health doesn't automatically produce productivity for leaders, but it prepares you for it. You can't do your best work when you feel bad. You've noticed how sluggishly your brain works after a poor night's sleep or a missed meal, how distracting a growly stomach can be, and how low self-esteem can create nagging anxiety. Now compare all that to workdays when you felt in tip-top condition, bursting with energy and good health. I'll bet you performed extremely well on those days. You can't control all the factors contributing to good health, but you can control most of them. I find these five most im¬portant to me: 1. Sleep. The typical adult requires seven to nine hours of restful sleep per night. Among other things, sleep helps you fend off infection and illness, because your … [Read more...]

Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: Five Enablers of Productive Achievement

Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy - Five Enablers of Productive Achievement by Laura Stack #productivity

"Without rest, a man cannot work; without work, the rest does not give you any benefit." -- Abkhasian proverb. "Getting in shape isn't just about looking and feeling better, it’s actually smart business." -- Susan Solovic, American small business expert. We all know we do better, more productive work when we feel well. And yet, we’re stuck in a vicious cycle: when we work long hours and run short on time, we cut into our precious free time—the time it takes to do the things that keep us healthy: exercise, eat and drink properly, and sleep enough. So we find ourselves in an unproductive, unhealthy rut. Clearly, productivity alone doesn’t keep us healthy. In fact, the exact opposite is true. As psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden points out, "Productive achievement is a consequence and … [Read more...]

The Productivity Minute #5 – Sleep: The Secret Productivity Trick

Laura Stack shares ideas on how to boost your productivity during the day by sleeping better at night and provides some tips on how to do it.  Watch video below. (C) 2009 Laura Stack.  All right reserved. https://theproductivitypro.com   … [Read more...]

A Healthy Worker is a Productive Worker: take care of yourself during the holidays

It's only logical that the healthier you are, the more productive you can be.  Think about it - the last time you were ill, how much work did you really get done?  It is so easy today to neglect ourselves because we are "too busy" or "too tired."  We're coming up on that busy holiday time of the year where everyone seems harried and has too much to do.  The holiday season doesn't have to be a drain.  Now is the time to take steps to keep yourself healthy! 1. Get enough sleep!  I know, easier said than done - but it is important! 2. Get your flu shot.  No, it isn't fun, but neither is the flu.  3. Don't neglect your exercise routine.  It is easy during the holiday season to skip over your regular workouts.  Try to stick to your routine, and you'll feel better! 4. Treat … [Read more...]

Laughter is Good for Productivity

Humor in the workplace is a productive thing, according to Psychologist Maren Rawlings from Swinburne University of Technology.  In a recent study, Rawlings "found a direct correlation between the climate of good humor in a workplace and employee satisfaction."  Previous research found a link between job satisfaction and productivity, so the logical leap is that humor is good for productivity.  Of course this doesn't mean we can spend our entire days cracking jokes, but it says to me that we can lighten up and laugh a little.  Rawlings also noted "If employers take measures to encourage a positive humor climate in the workplace, they are more likely to retain their staff." Keeping the staff you have rather than experiencing turnover is clearly more productive than re-hiring and training … [Read more...]

It’s OK to say “No”

Have you ever found yourself trying to make plans with a friend, just play with the kids, or do something fun for yourself, only to find your planner so full that “maybe next month” is the best you can do?  If so, you probably have that old Ado Annie syndrome…you’re “just a girl who cain’t say no.”  We all want to feel like great parents, accomplished at work, and like we’re giving back to the community.  It is human nature to want success and to please others. It’s good to feel that way – to be ambitious, to be busy, and to get things done.  But how much is too much?  “Yes” is a good thing – in moderation. Productivity doesn’t mean filling every moment of every day with tasks that further some agenda.  Prepare yourself for upcoming burnout if your schedule is so full that there isn’t time … [Read more...]

Lower stress level at work = an energy and productivity boost

People with high stress levels are more likely to have heart attacks and strokes, respond poorly to flu vaccines, and catch colds more easily than those with low levels of work or interpersonal stress. To sideline stress, you need to learn to shift your perception and the impact of stressful situations. Here are some hints on how to do that. 1. Take a chill pill.  High anxiety can put a damper on your performance levels, so take psychological steps, like prayer, meditation, and positive imagery, to reduce your anxiety level. Or just forgive someone who's slighted you. 2. Actively counter stress. Your stress won't go away by itself; you may have to use effective stress management techniques to ease it. A massage, listening to music, and even crying can help you release built-up … [Read more...]

What makes people happiest?

Even if you're in a rewarding relationship and have plenty of acquaintances, you can still feel lonely. Research shows that physical exercise, relaxation, and physical health are positively associated with feelings of well-being, but the variable with the strongest association of all is social support. So if you want to boost feelings of psychological well-being and happiness, have lots of friends -- and take these tips to heart. 1. Spend time with your friends.  No matter how much you love someone, relying on a significant other as your sole source of friendship is a mistake. Just because you're in a romantic relationship doesn't mean you don't need other friends. 2. Nurture friendships at your workplace. Many people believe you shouldn't combine work and play, but that can be a … [Read more...]

Does your working environment boost or bust your productivity?

Studies have proven that lighting, décor, smell, noise level, temperature, ergonomics, and color can all affect how you feel. If your environment's draining you dry, try these tips for a little refreshment. 1. Make sure your workspace is ergonomically designed.  Constant discomfort is a great way to lose energy fast. Look into the possibility of getting ergonomic tools and furniture for your workplace, so you can stay productive. 2. Avoid RMIs. If you perform the same motions over and over again, you may end up with a repetitive motion injury (RMI) like carpal tunnel syndrome, Blackberry thumb, or bursitis. If you're having a nagging pain, see your doctor and determine what behaviors might be causing it -- and what you can do to avoid it. 3. Create a well-lit office space. Bad lighting … [Read more...]

Being a sourpuss steals precious energy from productive work

Attitude, whether positive or negative, is contagious; so what type are you spreading?   Being negative takes extra energy you could otherwise be channeling into your favorite pursuits. Instead of sowing discord wherever you go, learn how to cultivate tolerance instead of impatience; optimism rather than pessimism; and gratitude versus an ungrateful spirit. Here's how to get started. 1. Stop negative thoughts in their tracks. Smother your feelings of pessimism, self-doubt, complaining, whining, and general negativity as they're born, or they're likely to take over your life and poison your relationships. 2. Stop worrying about everything. Instead of worrying about things you can't control, create alternate mental pictures in which you and yours are the winners. Worrying about stuff you … [Read more...]