Sharing For Success: Smashing Data Silos and Breaking Up Fiefdoms

Sharing For Success: Smashing Data Silos and Breaking Up Fiefdoms by Laura Stack #productivity

"Data are becoming the new raw material of business." -- Craig Mundie, Head of Research and Strategy at Microsoft. Given the importance of information technology (IT) in the modern business environment, IT terms have inevitably leaked into the common parlance of today's office. For example, "data silos" occur when incompatible systems lack an interface through which they can share data. Databases become isolated from each other, and it becomes increasingly difficult to collect all the data needed to make effective decisions. Often this becomes institutionalized. Groups within the organization consider themselves isolated entities, with no need or desire to work together. Some even compete for limited resources. Ultimately, productivity stagnates due to lack of cooperation, … [Read more...]

Looking for a productivity boost? Go back to school this fall!

NEW Complimentary eCourses from Laura Stack, delivered right to your inbox! In more than twenty years of helping leaders create high-performance cultures and accelerate growth, I've identified four key factors that must be in place for a leader to execute strategy efficiently. Without these elements, execution can fail—even when it's based on a mature strategy. The Four Keys to Effective Strategic Execution—Leverage, Environment, Alignment, and Drive—represent solutions to the 36 Execution Obstacles and form the L-E-A-D Formula™ outlined in The following four eCourses comprise the Four Keys to Efficient Strategic Execution (each one is a 13-week eCourse): Leverage Environment Alignment Drive Register for these additional complimentary eCourses … [Read more...]

Dangerous Ideas: Achieving Success Through Innovation

Dangerous Ideas: Achieving Success Through Innovation by Laura Stack #productivity

One of the many things the late Peter Drucker taught us was that only two things really make a business money: marketing and innovation. Everything else is an expense. Some people would add a few other profit-makers to the list, but few would deny marketing or innovation their places. At least, not publicly. But what about privately, or at least subconsciously? That's another matter. Many of us just don't want to deal with innovation, because it's too much trouble. New ideas push you out of your comfort zone, requiring you to scramble, to work harder, and to think more. For those of us already overstressed by a challenging work environment, that's asking a lot. Oscar Wilde, an Irish playwright and poet, said, “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” … [Read more...]

Is Your Inbox Out of Control?

If you use Microsoft Outlook, we have the solution for you!  Join us on Friday, April 12 for the EMAIL STACK ATTACK live webinar. Laura STACK is going to show you how to ATTACK your email STACK.  Find out more about this hands-on class will help you take control of your inbox. What will you learn? If you've ever asked yourself, "What do I do when I." * Already have an appointment on my calendar and someone sends another email related to it. How do I keep from copying/pasting all the time? * Have a Task already created, and then I get an email with additional instructions about it. How do I merge the two? * Am right in the middle of typing an email and promise someone I will do something. How can I make a reminder about that while I'm creating the email so I don't forget? * Have thousands … [Read more...]

The word guilt starts with a G – Productivity Minute Video

Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, talks about guilt and how important it is to take care of ourselves. (C) 2012 Laura Stack. All Rights Reserved.   … [Read more...]

2013 Productivity Workflow Makeover

Due to a special plea from a reader, I am hosting a New Year’s productivity workflow makeover on Friday, February 1, 2013. Eight people will come to my home office in Denver, CO, to revamp their organization, email, and time management systems. To ensure everyone will get one-to-one hands-on instruction, this opportunity is limited to the first eight people who register. No exceptions. In this hands-on workshop, you'll spend a full day in my home office with your smartphone, laptop, tablet and time management system. Find out more about my special 2013 Productivity Workflow Makeover and register today before all the slots fill up.   "This is not a sit-and-watch seminar. This is a hands-on, overhaul-your-system, implement-new-techniques work session, where I will grill the new habits … [Read more...]

Organize Your Life: Me time

Laura Stack on Channel 7 News in Denver on their special Migh High Living series. There are ways you can carve out time for yourself and not feel guilty or selfish. Time management guru Laura Stack tells you how you can find some "me time." … [Read more...]

What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do released today!

Today is the day!  My latest book, "What To Do When There's Too Much To Do" hit bookshelves today.  See this video from Brian Tracy talking about the book:   Buy the book today from Amazon, BN, 800CEORead or any retailer. Forward a copy of your receipt to [email protected] and you'll receive some special bonuses. Check out the details at … [Read more...]

Laura Stack’s “Staying on Top of the Inbox” course on

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National Leave the Office Earlier Day is June 2! Celebrate with Founder Laura Stack

Pledge to work only eight hours on Tuesday, June 2 (versus your normal 10-14) and receive a FREE 10-day eCourse on “How to Leave the Office Earlier,” and be registered to win valuable productivity prizes from Day-Timer®! June 2nd was designated as National Leave the Office Earlier Day in 2004 by Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, bestselling author and a leading authority on productivity and workplace issues.  The annual event, which is officially listed in Chase’s Calendar of Events, is intended to focus workers on improving their personal productivity and asks them to commit to working no more than eight hours on that day. “The eight-hour workday remains a myth to many working Americans,” says Stack. “But by implementing some simple strategies and tactics, even the most overworked and … [Read more...]