National Leave the Office Earlier Day is June 2! Celebrate with Founder Laura Stack

Pledge to work only eight hours on Tuesday, June 2 (versus your normal 10-14) and receive a FREE 10-day eCourse on “How to Leave the Office Earlier,” and be registered to win valuable productivity prizes from Day-Timer®!

June 2nd was designated as National Leave the Office Earlier Day in 2004 by Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, bestselling author and a leading authority on productivity and workplace issues.  The annual event, which is officially listed in Chase’s Calendar of Events, is intended to focus workers on improving their personal productivity and asks them to commit to working no more than eight hours on that day.

“The eight-hour workday remains a myth to many working Americans,” says Stack. “But by implementing some simple strategies and tactics, even the most overworked and overstressed people can be more productive and shorten their workday and feel good about it.”

Stack chose June 2 as National Leave the Office Earlier Day because that is her birthday.  “I don’t want to work more than eight hours on my birthday, so that was a good day to commit to leaving on time,” says Stack.

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