2013 Productivity Workflow Makeover

Laura Stack is hosting a special 2013 Productivity Workflow Makeover

Due to a special plea from a reader, I am hosting a New Year’s productivity workflow makeover on Friday, February 1, 2013. Eight people will come to my home office in Denver, CO, to revamp their organization, email, and time management systems. To ensure everyone will get one-to-one hands-on instruction, this opportunity is limited to the first eight people who register. No exceptions.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll spend a full day in my home office with your smartphone, laptop, tablet and time management system.

Find out more about my special 2013 Productivity Workflow Makeover and register today before all the slots fill up.


This is not a sit-and-watch seminar. This is a hands-on, overhaul-your-system, implement-new-techniques work session, where I will grill the new habits into you. You will first learn my methods by watching me demonstrate on my computer and devices, projected on the screen. You’ll then be head down, working down the entire day while I assist you. You’ll learn how to integrate your email…with your smartphone…with your tablet…with your paper…with your laptop…with your research…with your contacts…with your calendar…you get the point…with information of any kind. You will change your Outlook settings, create rules, and integrate all your disparate devices and information into one seamless, productivity-boosting system.”