L-E-A-D Formula™ eCourses

Four Keys to Efficient Strategic Execution

In more than twenty years of helping leaders create high-performance cultures and accelerate growth, I’ve identified four key factors that must be in place for a leader to execute strategy efficiently. Without these elements, an execution can fail—even when you base it on a mature, effective strategy. The Four Keys to Efficient Strategic Execution—Leverage, Environment, Alignment, and Drive—represent solutions to these failures and form the L-E-A-D Formula™ outlined in Execution IS the Strategy.

The L-E-A-D Formula™

L = Leverage: Do you have the right people and drivers in place to achieve your strategic priorities—ones that allow you to execute your strategy when the rubber hits the road? If not, then you have a talent/resource issue.

E = Environment: Do you have the organizational atmosphere, practices, and culture that will allow your employees to easily support your strategic priorities? If not, you have a cultural/engagement issue.

A = Alignment: Do your team members’ daily activities move them toward the accomplishment of the organization’s ultimate goals? If not, then you have a communication/productivity issue.

D = Drive: Are your organization’s leaders, teams, and employees agile enough to move quickly once the first three pieces of this list are in place? If not, you have a speed/agility issue