A Healthy Worker is a Productive Worker: take care of yourself during the holidays

It's only logical that the healthier you are, the more productive you can be.  Think about it - the last time you were ill, how much work did you really get done?  It is so easy today to neglect ourselves because we are "too busy" or "too tired."  We're coming up on that busy holiday time of the year where everyone seems harried and has too much to do.  The holiday season doesn't have to be a drain.  Now is the time to take steps to keep yourself healthy! 1. Get enough sleep!  I know, easier said than done - but it is important! 2. Get your flu shot.  No, it isn't fun, but neither is the flu.  3. Don't neglect your exercise routine.  It is easy during the holiday season to skip over your regular workouts.  Try to stick to your routine, and you'll feel better! 4. Treat … [Read more...]