Time Management Skills: Taming the To-Do List

Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro(R) gives tips on working with your to-do list. (C) 2011 Laura Stack, All Rights Reserved https://theproductivitypro.com … [Read more...]

Managing Your Time: What Would You Do With An Extra Hour A Day?

"I'd try to keep a balance, as I try to do with my 24 hours now. So with one more hour, I'd work half an hour more, and spend the other 30 minutes working out, or reading, or having a drink with friends." -- Rosa Garriga Mora, poll respondent, Spain. "Work out, read some books, take some dancing classes with my daughter... rest sometimes...one hour more per day would positively impact my life!" -- Yurila Ramos, poll respondent, Venezuela "Going on experience, I would spend it trying to solve annoying software bugs that are only happening because the computers are all out to get me." -- Tarot Atkinson, poll respondent, U.K. What would you do with an extra hour a day? That's a question I posed in a LinkedIn poll this past July, and as with my earlier poll (in which I asked voters … [Read more...]

Laura Shares the Six Keys at GROW 2011

Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro(R), shares the Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best at the GROW 2011 conference in Dayton, OH. … [Read more...]

Increasing Productivity: HR’s Strategic Role in Improving Workforce Productivity

Please join me on August 31 for a special audio conference through the Workplace Training Center. The topic is HR’s Strategic Role in Improving Workforce Productivity: Working with Your Managers to Create High-Performing Employees Employees are expected to be competent. But the really successful employees are SUPER competent—the ones that companies fight to get, fight to keep, nurture and develop, and see as future leaders in their business growth. How do you know who the “A” players are? HR professionals are in a unique position to work with managers to identify productive employees and help them become even greater performers. Using a model that assesses engagement and performance of each employee, HR professionals can work with managers on improving individual employee … [Read more...]

Four Things to Stop Doing at Work

"Ill habits gather by unseen degrees/As brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas." -- John Dryden, English poet (Absalom and Achitophel, 1681) Have you updated your NOT-to-do list lately? Most of us are pretty good about compiling daily to-do lists to guide our workflow, and there's no denying that those lists are vital for maximizing productivity. However, in many ways, a list of things you refuse to do is just as important. A not-to-do list doesn't have to be fancy. You simply start by writing down the time-stealing behaviors that you prefer not to take part in; then you review and revise your list periodically, to make sure you don't accidentally slip into habits that damage your productivity and keep you at work too long. Obviously, not-to-do lists will vary from person to person, … [Read more...]

Interview with Women’s Insight Project

I recently spoke with Jennifer Ward of the Women's Insight Project about tuning a childhood vision into reality. If you feel stuck in your current situation, get off your butt and MOVE! It takes effort. You can choose to sit in front of the TV or choose to take action." —Laura Stack, President, The Productivity Pro, Inc. Read the full article HERE. Make it a Productive Day™! … [Read more...]

Laura Stack’s EFFICIENCY DIGEST: July 2011

While we commend you for setting proper boundaries and not getting caught in digital quicksand, here’s a little digest so you can catch-up with Laura all in one place … what WILL you do with the extra time YOU have? Productivity Pro® Blog Leaders: Get More Done Through Others! How Micromanagement Can Kill Productivity & Creativity Productivity Minute Video: Procrastination – Can We Talk About This Later? SuperCompetent Speaking: How to Cram LOTS of Information in Limited Time During Which Period of the Day DO YOU Feel Most Productive? Facebook Fan Page Laura Stack > I'm pleased to be featured with fellow National Speakers Association board member and legendary speaker Brian Tracy in the Success Magazine Audio Series "Boost Your Productivity." Laura Stack > You … [Read more...]

Productivity Minute Video: Stop Doing Everything At Once

Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro(R), talks about multi-tasking and why it doesn't work. (C) 2011 Laura Stack. All Rights Reserved. https://theproductivitypro.com … [Read more...]

Productivity Minute Video: Procrastination – Can We Talk About This Later?

Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro(R), shares tips on overcoming procrastination. (C) 2011 Laura Stack, All Rights Reserved https://theproductivitypro.com … [Read more...]

Time Management: The 4-Hour Workweek — Is It Really Possible?

"There is nothing that the busy man is less busy with than living; there is nothing harder to learn." -- Seneca, Roman philosopher "I want to say, in all seriousness, that a great deal of harm is being done in the modern world by belief in the virtuousness of work, and that the road to happiness and prosperity lies in an organized diminution of work." -- Bertrand Russell, British philosopher "The commonsense rules of the 'real world' are a fragile collection of socially reinforced illusions." -- Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek. In 2007, Timothy Ferriss created a sensation in the business world with his provocatively titled book, The 4-Hour Workweek. In it, he outlined his philosophy that once you've worked hard to build your business, it's possible to maintain that … [Read more...]