Increasing Productivity: HR’s Strategic Role in Improving Workforce Productivity

Please join me on August 31 for a special audio conference through the Workplace Training Center. The topic is HR’s Strategic Role in Improving Workforce Productivity: Working with Your Managers to Create High-Performing Employees
Employees are expected to be competent. But the really successful employees are SUPER competent—the ones that companies fight to get, fight to keep, nurture and develop, and see as future leaders in their business growth. How do you know who the “A” players are?

HR professionals are in a unique position to work with managers to identify productive employees and help them become even greater performers. Using a model that assesses engagement and performance of each employee, HR professionals can work with managers on improving individual employee productivity.

Sign up today to hear some of the best advice, tips and techniques from The Productivity Pro Laura Stack, best known for the business classic Leave the Office Earlier,as well as other titles, such as SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best and What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do (coming out in April 2012).

Learning Objectives:
•Do you know how to increase headcount without increasing salary expense?
•Manage the 2 critical dimensions of productivity impact
•Find out what factors impact an employee’s experience and ability to perform
•Uncover the 5 productivity personalities your employees will exhibit
•Help employees perform at higher levels and foster an environment of excellence
•Discover 6 keys to gaining peak performance from your employees

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