Laura Stack’s EFFICIENCY DIGEST: July 2011

While we commend you for setting proper boundaries and not getting caught in digital quicksand, here’s a little digest so you can catch-up with Laura all in one place … what WILL you do with the extra time YOU have?

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Productivity Minute Video: Procrastination – Can We Talk About This Later?

SuperCompetent Speaking: How to Cram LOTS of Information in Limited Time

During Which Period of the Day DO YOU Feel Most Productive?

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Laura Stack > I’m pleased to be featured with fellow National Speakers Association board member and legendary speaker Brian Tracy in the Success Magazine Audio Series “Boost Your Productivity.”

Laura Stack > You cannot do it all. The sooner you come to terms with this fact, the better off you will be.

Laura Stack > 10 Traits of Highly Productive People …which traits have you acquired?

Laura Stack > To remain consistently optimistic, learn to reframe challenges, change, and adversity as opportunities.

Laura Stack > Most people fail to recognize opportunity knocking because it comes in the form of hard work and commitment. The speaking profession is no exception…looking forward to being with my colleagues at NSA 2011!

Laura Stack > Time management is about making the most of the hours you have, not magically finding more.

Laura Stack > Be willing to reinvent yourself when your work environment changes. It may not be fun, but it is

necessary. What adaptation could YOU make today?

Laura Stack > Please enjoy these Organizing Freebies!

Laura Stack > The ONLY true failure is a failure to learn. Look over each failure, learn from it, and adjust for the future.

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@laurastack :: Bosses, the employees who treat your business as if it were their own are the ones you want to hang on to.

@merylhooker :: In honor of @neenjames and @laurastack, I’m proud to announce my InBox is EMPTY. No, please. Hold you applause. #productivity

@laurastack :: Take personal responsibility for handling your time & productivity. Never lay the blame on anyone else.

@laurastack :: Someone’s bad mood or crotchety personality isn’t a reflection on you, always be your capable, competent, positive self!

@laurastack @turbosaleslady :: It’s so true! It just flew 20+ hours to get to Singapore and wrote a speech, an article, and a new MP3 program!

@laurastack :: These days, the novelty of speaking in person can go a long way toward building productive relationships.

@laurastack :: Successful individuals fail often, but instead of dwelling on it, they get up quickly and move on.

@laurastack :: Just because something has been done a certain way for years does not make it the best way to do it.

@laurastack :: “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out” ~Robert Collier

@laurastack :: Refuse requests when appropriate; learn how to say no graciously. Remember, your time is limited.

@MeganWBrown :: Just wrote my personal mission statement. What a powerful activity. Starting tomorrow, it is central to my life. Thanks @laurastack!!

@laurastack :: Try not to micromanage subordinates. Trust them to do their jobs without constant oversight.

@laurastack :: Quit expecting things to just happen without action. You have to WORK.