Instant Productivity: Break Your Routines

Instant Productivity: Break Your Routines

How productive is your team, really? You may think you're moving along just fine, until you encounter another team whose productivity just leaves yours in the dust. Even if you're genuinely doing fine, there are simple practices that can increase your productivity from the moment you implement them.     Opting Offline Some jobs require constant Internet access, whether for answering customer chat and email questions or conducting research. However, many don't; and if you're like most people, you probably spend a little time daily checking personal email and social media. Even if you don't, some of your teammates do. Since 10 wasted minutes a day add up to over 43 hours a year, imagine how many workweeks your team's losing to the lure of the Internet annually. … [Read more...]

Life Balance: Running on Empty

Life Balance: If you're running on an empty tank and fumes of habit, everyone around you loses. So rid yourself of the guilt you feel when you relax. More on life balance: The word ‘guilt’ starts with a “G” for ‘garbage.’ We all need to stop and smell the roses on a regular basis, but for some reason, we seem to feel guilty about resting. This can be particularly true of mothers who work outside the home. I promise you no one's head is going to burst into flames if you take a hot bath. Your life won't fall apart if you sit on the porch swing and enjoy the spring air. It might, however, fall apart if you don't. Your ability to take care of others decreases when you don’t care for yourself! Time is valuable. You have to savor it and make time for the things that electrify your life … [Read more...]

Reevaluate Your Productivity Habits

How are your habits affecting your personal productivity? Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro(R), talks about taking time to look at your habits to see how they are helping or hurting your abililty to get things done. (C) 2012 Laura Stack. All Rights Reserved. … [Read more...]