Life Balance: Running on Empty

Life Balance: If you’re running on an empty tank and fumes of habit, everyone around you loses. So rid yourself of the guilt you feel when you relax.

Running on Empty - Laura Stack #Productivity

Give yourself permission to relax!

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The word ‘guilt’ starts with a “G” for ‘garbage.’ We all need to stop and smell the roses on a regular basis, but for some reason, we seem to feel guilty about resting. This can be particularly true of mothers who work outside the home. I promise you no one’s head is going to burst into flames if you take a hot bath. Your life won’t fall apart if you sit on the porch swing and enjoy the spring air. It might, however, fall apart if you don’t. Your ability to take care of others decreases when you don’t care for yourself! Time is valuable. You have to savor it and make time for the things that electrify your life and ignite your joy. That time “recharges your battery,” so when you’re on task, you can be productive. Give yourself the gift of time and do something restful and cherish yourself each day.

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  1. I agree with this 100%! When we ignore our own needs and fail to practice self-care or take time to rest, we are tired, short-tempered, under-nourished, overfed, and borderline miserable. My self-care practice is far from perfect but I do prioritize at least a few minutes every single day and do something for myself… it’s the single most important thing I can do for everyone in my life!