Employee Loyalty: How to Create and Maintain a Loyal Team

Employee Loyalty: How to Create and Maintain a Loyal Team by Laura Stack #productivity

"I'll take fifty percent efficiency to get one hundred percent loyalty." —Samuel Goldwyn, American movie mogul. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, loyalty is as loyalty does. In recent years, some business leaders have bemoaned the death of old-fashioned employee loyalty, as workers realize that technology has freed them from some workplace restraints. Many have also decided they can get farther faster by jumping from one company to another, rather than by working their way through the hierarchy of one organization. This is unfortunate, but it represents a natural evolution of the workplace. Conditions have changed drastically in the past several decades. Given global competition, the lingering Great Recession, and shareholder demands for greater value, most companies can no longer guarantee … [Read more...]

Making Employees Partners in Business: Realistically Democratizing the Workplace

Making Employees Partners in Business: Realistically Democratizing the Workplace by Laura Stack #productivity

"A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus." -- Martin Luther King, Jr., American religious and civil rights leader. Professionally, my life's work has revolved around making work easier and more productive for everyone involved. So I find the concept of democratizing the workplace attractive, which involves giving employees more freedom and allowing them to participate in decision making. When employees feel empowered in their work, they’re more likely to take ownership of their jobs and contribute more discretionary effort, thereby increasing their productivity. To succeed, democratization has to take place within a framework guided by leaders. Yes, your team members should be partners in the accomplishment of goals, but they are not necessarily equal … [Read more...]

How Communication and Connection Boost Employee Productivity

How Communication and Connection Boost Employee Productivity

One of the trickiest parts of leadership is finding a way to strike a balance between your employees as subordinates and your employees as real, live people. Read on for some important points to keep in mind as you work to build relationships with those around you. Not a leader? I hope you’ll read on anyway. Managing relationships with the people you work with (and for) is as important to your everyday productivity as it is to your career. Teach people how to treat you. You know how you want to be treated. But do you actively take the steps to make sure it happens? Always think about the precedents you are setting as you interact with other people – whether you work with them every day or are meeting them for the first time. If you let others speak to you disrespectfully or … [Read more...]

The Productivity Minute #7: The Importance of Boosting Employee Productivity in Down Times

Tough economic times are packing a one-two punch in the workplace. First, everyone is forced to do more with less (POW!). Second, you have to do it all while dealing with the nagging anxieties that come with an uncertain economy—threats of downsizing, bankruptcies, cost containment, you name it (POW, again!). So how do we cope—as leaders and as productive employees? by Laura Stack (C) 2009 Laura Stack.  All rights reserved.  www.TheProductivityPro.com … [Read more...]

Increasing employee productivity: an interview with Dave Kutayiah

I recently interviewd Dave Kutayiah, SR. VP of HR at ING Clarion Partners about how to increase employee productivity during down times.  I specifically asked him,"How do you get more work out of fewer people?"  He gave me permission to share his reply, because I believe my readers will also benefit: Laura, I am currently going through the same scenario with my HR team and my business partners are experiencing the same due to a recent workforce reduction. In a case like that, as a manager, you have to do the following: - ensure everyone understands why the team is leaner and meaner, - make sure everyone understands the strategy or gameplan and how they fit into the refined organization, - reinforce the importance of each team member and the fact that the stakes are much higher than … [Read more...]