Create a Process to Simplify the Task

Create a Process to Simplify the Task

Productivity expert Laura Stack shares ways to simplify tasks. (C) 2016 Laura Stack, All Rights Reserved. … [Read more...]

Complete The Task In Less Time

Complete The Task In Less Time

Laura Stack talks about getting things done more efficiently.  (C) 2016 Laura Stack, All Rights Reserved. … [Read more...]

It’s What’s Inside That Counts: The Triumph of Intrinsic Motivation

"People are born with intrinsic motivation, self-esteem, dignity, curiosity, joy in learning… monetary awards are not a substitute for intrinsic motivation." – W. Edwards Deming, American author, statistician, and engineer. To the shock of many managers and executives of the older generations, throwing extra money and privileges at underperforming workers no longer causes them to perk up and start producing like they should. Oh, it helps on occasion or temporarily, especially for younger workers and during economic downturns. But increasingly, motivations imposed from the outside simply fail. To many leaders, this seems bizarre, but they're viewing the picture only from their own perspectives; they assume what would work for them works for everyone. But it doesn't always work, especially … [Read more...]

Down Time Does Not Have To Be Wasted Time

Down Time Doesn't Have to Be Wasted Time

Stuck somewhere? Laura Stack shows you how to use unexpected down time so your productivity doesn't have to get stuck. (C) 2016 Laura Stack, All Rights Reserved. … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning: It’s Not Just for Home Anymore

Spring Cleaning: It's Not Just for Home Anymore

"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?"—attributed to Albert Einstein, German-American physicist. Ah, spring, when a young person's fancy turns to thoughts of… well, spring cleaning. Once tax season has passed and your general anxiety level has settled down, you've got to find something else to keep you on your toes. In the old days, the fresh air and fine, bright weather of spring was the ideal time to spend a few days airing out the stuffiness of winter, cleaning out the closets, and scouring the home from top to bottom. Some of us still perform this annual ritual at home. For many of us, it's become a fixture in our workplaces as well. It makes sense to occasionally stop long enough to clean up your workspace and performance. You … [Read more...]

On the Ragged Edge of Exhaustion: How to Keep Going When You Can’t Take Time Off

On the Ragged Edge of Exhaustion: How to Keep Going When You Can't Take Time Off by Laura Stack #productivity

"When you are overworked and exhausted, there is a kind of delirium … you are totally focused on the project." -- Dame Zaha Hadid, Iraqi-British architect. I don't think I've ever met a single person, no matter how much they loved their job, who didn't look forward to vacation time. It's an ideal way to rejuvenate yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally, and to recharge your creative energies so you're tanned, rested, and ready to tackle the world when you return. Two-week vacations work best, but even a week can cure you of your workaday blues. But we Americans seem to have something against vacations. In fact, the USA ranks at the bottom of the list when it comes to vacation days in the developed nations; workers in every country in the European Union get at least four weeks a … [Read more...]

Five Productive Ideas I Learned From Jason Womack

Five Productive Ideas I Learned From Jason Womack by Laura Stack #prductivity

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar today from a fellow faculty member of the Institute for Management Studies (my husband John Stack is the Chair of the Denver chapter), JASON WOMACK. Here are five awesome ideas I gained on how to boost your productivity: 1. If a meeting suddenly gets canceled, what’s the first thing you usually think? “Ooooh I can catch up”! Instead, Jason suggests you can never get caught up. Even if you “do email” all day on a Sunday, you’ll never get caught up. Instead, you should get ahead with any unexpected “found” blocks of time. Work on a long-term project and make progress—not just maintain. 2. Technology is massively key to personal productivity! Here are some great resources Jason offered: and Speedkeys. Also use … [Read more...]

April 18, 2016 Approaches: Tax Time Tips to Consider

April 18, 2016 Approaches: Tax Time Tips to Consider by Laura Stack #productivity

"In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes."—Benjamin Franklin, U.S. Founding Father In the United States, we've been conditioned—individually and collective—to dread the approach of April 15 each year. In 2016, however, we have the gift of three extra days before our taxes come due on Monday, April 18, because Federal employees celebrate Emancipation Day (observed on Friday, April 15 this year), so they get the day off. Hooray! While I’m no tax professional, I do have my own experience as a small businessperson to guide me and pass on to others. First, make sure you shred no-longer needed paper files, especially if they've already been digitized. To make the job easier, use an automatic shredder like my favorite Fellowes 200C. My second tidbit is … [Read more...]

Use Emergency Boosters to Change a Bad Mood

What's your strategy for shifting a bad mood? Here's mine! (C) 2016 Laura Stack, All Rights Reserved. … [Read more...]

Activating Yourself: Converting Thoughts and Ideas into Action

Activating Yourself: Converting Thoughts and Ideas into Action by Laura Stack #productivity

"Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." ― Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield Here is the roundup of activity from Laura Stack’s blog, columns, podcast, and other featured articles. Scroll down to read the complete roundup of productivity resources to help you create Maximum Results in Minimum Time. This week on the Blog Activating Yourself: Converting Thoughts and Ideas into Action You see it everywhere, from corporate boardrooms to Hollywood: the constant recycling and refining of the same ideas, with anything unique usually plowed under before it has time to bloom. We're on, what, the third reboot of the Batman movie franchise in 20 years? And … [Read more...]