Change Should Be the Middle Name of Every Business

[TRANSCRIPT] Change should actually be the middle name of every business. In his latest book, Playing To Win, A.G.’s Lafley talks about the five things that every leader should do to execute strategy and get the company to win. And, ultimately, all five come down to change. The companies that don’t change will go the way of the dinosaurs. No one really agrees on what happened to the dinosaurs; however everyone agrees they are dead. And it has something to do with their inability to change. Think about companies like Motorola, Kodak, Palm, Saab, Atari, Myspace, and Borders. What do they have in common? They are either in steep decline or demise because of their inability to stay relevant, to be flexible, and to change. At some level, even though it’s not always fun, we should be glad and relieved when our organizations change. If you work at an organization that doesn’t change, you should be very afraid.



  1. Barry Hall says:

    Great video Laura,many thanks for sharing it with me. – Barry.

  2. Karen Rich says:

    Hi Laura,
    Your website has definitely changed with the transcripts listed for your videos and the closed-captions for your videos. This is great for being ADA compliant as well as for those of us who cannot listen from a public place — we can read the text and learn from you!

    • Thanks Karen! I’m glad this is valuable for you! We thank youtube, which provides this translation of videos at no charge when posted! Many people do not know of this option when they post videos. 🙂