Tame Your To-Do List

Tame Your To-Do List by Laura Stack #productivity

To-do lists are helpful, because they relieve your brain of the need to remember everything. To effectively organize your time, you actually need TWO different to-do lists: a master list and a daily list. A master to-do list is an on-going, running memory list of everything you want to do someday. A daily to-do list is essentially your plan of what you truly intend to get done today. It’s NOT an on-going list of everything you need to do, as in the master to-do list. A daily to-do list is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. It keeps you focused and on-target throughout the day. When you think of something to-do, ask yourself when you’re going to do it and record it on the appropriate list: the daily list for today and the master list if not. Systematically review and move items from the master to the daily list, and you’ll slowly make a dent in all those bigger projects.

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  1. You might like to look at how http://www.donebywhen.com works, as it offers a single list that works as a daily list and a master list (by separating tasks you can work on now, and tasks for a later date). It still applies the principle of clearly prioritizing the tasks for today, but it does it all in one place. Would love to hear what you think of it.