Handling vendor phone solicitation with a magic mailbox

A seminar participant shared a great trick she uses for those pesky salespeople who won’t take "no" for an answer:

<< We had an extension set up that goes directly to voice mail so when I get a sales call asking for my boss (I can always tell it’s a sales call), I just say one moment (they think they are getting through), and they are immediately directed to our message that states “Thank you for calling (XXX) Medical Corporation.  If you would like to mail us information regarding your company, our address is… or, if you prefer to fax your information, our fax number is…  Thank you for calling…"  I love it!! They may call me back but….they go right back into my magic mailbox. It works great because I don’t have to waste my time getting them off the phone. >>

Heather M.



  1. Sarah Kimmel says:

    That is AWESOME!! Can I get one of those for my house?