My Favorite Way to Use Outlook Notes as Category Lists

I wanted to share my favorite Palm trick (I use MS Outlook and a Treo 700p). 

I was frustrated by being in the grocery store and not having my list with me.  Then a friend would tell me her experience at a great restaurant, and darn if I couldn’t remember the name when my husband asked where we should eat.  We’d be at the video store and couldn’t remember the name of the funny DVD my dad suggested. 

So, I created a Note in Outlook for each of these categories:

1.      Books to read

2.      Groceries to buy (even though “go to grocery store” may be a task, this list contains the individual items I need to remember to buy)

3.      Shopping to do (a list of things I need to remember to get when I’m running errands)

4.      Honey-do’s for John

5.      Gift ideas (one for each person)

6.      Meagan’s friends (I can never remember their names)

7.      Johnny’s friends

8.      James’ friends

9.      Neighbors (who lives where, kids, pets, etc.)

10.  Passwords (I know I’m not supposed to do this!)

11.  Combination locks (so I can take the sticker off)

12.  Babysitters (so many to keep track of)

13.  Errands to run

14.  Girl Scouts (copied from roster)

15.  Soccer (roster)

16.  Bus stop info

17.  Teachers (all the info handy on my kids’ teachers all in one place)

18.  Restaurants to visit

19.  Videos to rent

20.  Master task list

As I think of things to add to my lists, I open the appropriate Note and type it out.  When you close a Note, it automatically saves.  When I sync, they are loaded in the Memos in my Palm.  Wherever I am, I can then glance at my Palm and see the grocery list, video list, restaurant list, etc.  Think of them like electronic Post-it notes.  I love Memos on my Palm!

I’d love to hear from anyone on your Notes: how do you use them I haven’t listed here?

Productively yours,




  1. If I stumble upon a blog I enjoy reading and I want to catch up on archives, then I use Notes to keep track of where i was in the archives. I’ll read a complete month at one sitting. This way I’m not wasting time when I want to go read that particular blog again.