Seminar – Presentations: High-Impact Presentation Skills

Communicate on Your Feet with Confidence

High Impact Presentation SkillsProfessionals admire those who make presentations with ease and confidence. If you are in business situations where you need to motivate, persuade, and hold the attention of a group, Laura’s coaching will provide tested, specific strategies you can learn and practice to improve your skills. Laura Stack was the 2011-2012 president of the National Speakers Association. She’s been speaking professionally for over 20 years and holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest earned designation for professional speakers. She’ll show you how to engage an audience and present like a pro!

Course Objectives

  • Apply 3V impact: strengthen your vocal, verbal, and visual images.
  • Enhance your delivery with proper pitch, volume, pace, and pauses.
  • Use words that sound powerful and professional.
  • Avoid weak speech patterns that sabotage credibility.
  • Eliminate nervous habits and verbal fillers.
  • Overcome verbal stumbling blocks.
  • Use visual aids effectively.
  • Learn how posture, eye contact and non-verbal ticks impact your message.
  • Practice the five steps to creating a high-impact presentation.
  • Control your speaking environment and presentation logistics.
  • Overcome fear and calm yourself down.
  • Stand, gesture, and move powerfully.

Download a one-page PDF sheet about the PRESENTATIONS: Communicating on Your Feet with Confidence course to share or print.

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