Zig Ziglar

So my friend Michael Sliwinski, editor of the Productive Magazine and founder of www.nozbe.com, tagged my handle (@laurastack) in a tweet about Zig Ziglar’s passing, which I basically deflected. But then Michael sent me an email (ack!), and directly asked me what was up: “Please accept my condolences for Zig. I know you knew him personally, and I know (you told me!) what kind of influence he was on you. I meant it on Twitter that when you're ready, I'd love to read a blog post from you about Zig and how he influenced your life. It'd be a great story to read and share and inspire others.” Kind of hard to ignore that. I know that thousands of people have attested that Zig changed their lives, and I’m no exception. But I admit it—I’ve been feeling a bit melancholy about Zig’s passing. I’ve … [Read more...]