Time Management at Work: Wasted Time?

How much time is wasted at work in your experience?  I just read a recent article at SmartCompany which talked about a recent study by Ernst & Young.  The study indicates that 18% of time at work could be considered unproductive.  That it a lot of time that could be spent creating value! Some of the items  the 2500 respondents referred to as time wasters are: Internal administration, red tape and meetings Waiting for IT systems Jobs needing to be redone Some time wasters are beyond an employee's control, but some of that wasted time could potentially be used in other ways.  Would love to hear how you handle seemingly unavoidable time wasters in your day. … [Read more...]

Time Management at Work: Mobile Technology for HR Professionals

So many of my readers are HR professionals, so I like to keep an eye out for technologies and tips on how to improve productivity in that area. Moblie technologies for specific industries are exploding on the market today, and HR apps can be very useful for busy professionals. As the HR Analyst at Software Advice, Kyle Lagunas regularly writes HR software reviews on his blog. Recently, he highlighted a few of his favorite mobile apps for HR professionals so I wanted to share his article with you. Please let me know if you've tried any of these apps and let me know what you think! Human Resources Goes Mobile: Highlighting Top HR Apps … [Read more...]