Facilitating an Effective Teleconference

We've all been on those conference calls. How to plan effectively for your next teleconference. (C) 2015 Laura Stack, All Rights Reserved. www.TheProductivityPro.com … [Read more...]

On Screen, All Business: The Etiquette of Videoconferencing

On Screen, All Business: the Etiquette of Videoconferencing

"We are visual creatures. When you doodle an image that captures the essence of an idea, you not only remember it, but you also help other people understand and act on it—which is generally the point of meetings in the first place." ― Tom Wujec, Canadian expert on business visualization. Here is the bi-weekly roundup of activity from Laura Stack’s blog, columns, podcast, and other featured articles. Scroll down to read the complete roundup of productivity resources to help you create Maximum Results in Minimum Time. This week on the Blog On Screen, All Business: the Etiquette of Videoconferencing   One thing early science fiction writers got right was that we would someday exchange video images along with audio when we communicated. But so far, it hasn't become as widespread as … [Read more...]