Refusing Can Free Up Time

Learn to say "no" graciously, and make it stick! (C) 2016 Laura Stack, All Rights Reserved. Watch Now: … [Read more...]

Short, Sweet, and to the Point: Boost Your Productivity By Saying No

Short, Sweet, and to the Point: Boost Your Productivity By Saying No by Laura Stack #productivity

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Break Out of the Comfort Zone – guest post by Karen Leland

Welcome to guest blogger Karen Leland, who interviewed me for an article for Woman's Day and who authored Time Management In An Instant: 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day. Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone In my office, on my desk, I have a plain white coffee cup that has written on it in simple black letters, “’Do one thing every day that scares you’—Eleanor Roosevelt.” As I stare down the barrel of another year filled with hope, possibilities, challenges, and change, I think about what living the cup’s motto really means in practice. ? It’s all too easy to stay in the same routine year after year, doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, eating the same foods, doing the same job and engaging in the same hobbies. Relatively nothing new learned or risked. No standing on the … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Balance Evening Commitments With Family Life

Today we have a treat: a guest post by my colleague and fellow productivity blogger Mike St. Pierre.  He writes an excellent blog called The Daily Saint.  I highly recommend you check it out and subscribe to his feed. All teachers can relate to THE FINAL WEEK.  It's that week when your seniors graduate and then some.  There is usually a parents reception, Baccalaureate celebration and often a sports banquet- all of which occur at night.  So how do you balance this with seeing the little ones at home or that spouse that misses you? Practice the two night rule.  I discovered years ago that when I am away from my family for two straight evening commitments, I wouldn't see my kids for nearly three days.  This is difficult because it puts a lot of pressure on my wife and of course the … [Read more...]

Co-workers, meetings, and inefficiency: the big energy bandits in the workplace

The workplace is full of energy drains, even for people who work at home. You get caught up in the routine, and lo and behold, hours have passed -- and you've expended precious energy without much return. If this sounds like your work life, maybe you ought to try a few of these prescriptions. 1. Speak up when you have too much on your plate.  If you're overworked, you'll eventually hit a point where your personal energy falls to nil and nothing gets done. Do what you can to streamline your work processes, negotiate deadline extensions, simplify your tasks, and delegate in order to get things done. 2. Be unavailable. That's right. When someone says, "Do you have a minute?" it's okay to say, "Not right now." You don't have to be rude or impolite, but you do have to be honest. Get over … [Read more...]