Four Ways to Make Your Business Trips More Productive

Four Ways to Make Your Business Trips More Productive by Laura Stack #Productivity

As long as there have been business travelers, we've struggled to make our travel time more productive. At one time this involved little more than reading and annotating paperwork, so little could be done while on the move. A bit more was possible with access to a telephone in a hotel, but not much more. The electronics revolution changed all that. With smartphones, laptops, and WiFi, there's no excuse not to be productive while on the go. That said, you can tweak your productivity higher with a few logical preparations before you even step out the door. Try these tips: 1. Prepare well in advance. When you return from a trip, prepare for the next. Unpack your back and refill toiletries as necessary. Reorganize your spare cables for your electronics and recharge as necessary. Pack a … [Read more...]

Productive Travel: Tips for Business Travelers

Too often, business travelers use their trips as opportunities to rest up for the next bit of work. However, it pays to shift your mindset. The savvy worker never wastes travel or hotel time. You should always be willing to make good, productive use of those periods that most travelers would consider "lost hours," because doing so offers a unique opportunity to get work done with few distractions or interruptions. In this article, I'll outline a few simple things that you can do to maximize your business productivity while you're on the road. Plan Efficiently Spontaneity can be fun, but save it for vacation time. Before you ever set foot outside your home, it's best to make certain that every step of your trip is mapped out (doubly important for international travel). Start well in … [Read more...]