Closing The Loops

Today we feature guest columnist Monica Ricci.  If you enjoy this article, I recommend you subscribe to her blog's feed: Monica Ricci's Your Life: Organized.  Closing The Loops Several months ago, a thought whizzed through my head and it was "Life is a series of getting things out and putting them away."  This is what I call "closing the loops". If you think of a loop, maybe you picture a circle or an oval. All smooooth and sexy, the curves... of a loop will never hurt you and the curvy shape is easy on your eyes. No, there's nothing about a closed loop that hurts! Now, contrast a nice smooth, wonderful closed loop with an open loop. Open loops are all those little things unfinished that you left for yourself to deal with "later". The remnants of breakfast from this morning that you never … [Read more...]

Create closure on things that bother you and eliminate frustrations

Isn't it amazing how much energy you can spend stewing about things? If you get too agitated, you might be completely unable to focus on other tasks. If that's the case, you're no good for anything until you can calmly address the issue. You need to learn to create closure on the things that bother you, so you can get on with life. Here's how. 1. Avoid energy vampires. Some people can drain your energy in five minutes flat. Stay away from people who constantly criticize you, who gossip and create drama, who are mean, or who are just incurably rude. 2. Be assertive in annoying situations. If don't state your needs in plain English, you're unlikely to get what you want. Being assertive isn't the same as being aggressive; be polite, and let the people around you know you're willing to help … [Read more...]