To Do, Or Not To Do: What’s On your Team’s NOT to Do List?

To Do, Or Not To Do: What's On your Team's NOT to Do List? by Laura Stack #productivity

Sometimes, the best thing you can do in productivity terms is NOT to do something. I’ve talked for years about having not-to-do lists, which can prove as important as your to-do lists. A Not-To-Do list is precisely what it sounds like: a list of items you refuse to do—because they either waste your time, or the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. You probably have a Not-To-Do list, even if you don't bother to write it down. For example, you might have long since decided not to take a certain route to work, because you arrive late when you do. Maybe you've decided never to accept phone calls or email from people you don't already know, or to avoid personal communications at work. You may have decided to never eat at your desk, so you can get a little bit of refreshment before heading back … [Read more...]