Mindlessness: Why Don’t We Pay Attention?

Mindlessness: Why Don't We Pay Attention? by Laura Stack #productivity

Recently, my son James had a doctor's appointment. While waiting in the back room, he texted on his phone and watched videos. But as soon as the doctor walked in, he handed me his phone. Even at 13, he knew he couldn't pay attention to the doctor and have his phone in his hand. Why can’t some adults learn this? Last week, I had a meeting in downtown Denver, because a prospective client had requested an in-person conversation. During our conversation, he kept pulling out his phone, turning it on, swiping, and glancing down, clicking on his email, periodically tapping one and reading. He must have checked it 10 times while I was there—no explanation, no apology. Seriously, couldn't he have waited 30 minutes to check the phone? Instead of 30 minutes, our meeting was extended to 45 minutes, … [Read more...]

Slipping the Electronic Leash

Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, talks about how our devices can hamper our productivity. (C) 2015 Laura Stack. All Rights Reserved. https://theproductivitypro.com … [Read more...]