Three indecisiveness phrases, and when (not) to use them – Matthew Cornell

Today I'm pleased to feature a guest blogger and fellow productivity consultant, Matthew Cornell.  He has interviewed me in the past and featured me on his blog.  I've been following his good work and musings on productivity and wholeheartedly recommend you subscribe to his feed. by Matthew Cornell: Three Indecisiveness Phrases: I'd like to tell you about three phrases you and I use that actually mean the opposite, and, when used improperly, hurt productivity and weaken your mind (Gasp!) Fear not, I'll also share the only times they are OK to use. And I'll start with a biggie. "Let me think about it" This is a classic in being indecisive. Situation: Have you ever been asked for something or had an offer made to you and you answered "Let me think about it"? Typically what this … [Read more...]