Telecommuting: Creating a Productive Home Working Environment

Telecommuting: Creating a Productive Home Working Environment

These days, telecommuting (a.k.a. telework) is simpler and more cost-effective than ever before—which means that many office workers can pursue their careers without setting foot in a traditional office, except when absolutely necessary. Although some businesses still resist this option, others have begun to embrace it in a serious way. As overhead and transportation costs continue to rise, and other benefits pile up, there's little doubt that this trend will accelerate. That being the case, you may very well end up working from home at some point, whether you initiate the change or your company does. Thus, it pays to learn how to create the most productive home office environment possible. In this article, I'll outline the basics. Set Up Your Workplace One of the nicest things … [Read more...]

Workplace Productivity: Monthly Educational Opportunities from The Productivity Pro(R)

Announcing a public seminar sponsored by the Colorado Human Resources Association (CHRA) and! On March 5, 2010, attend a half day of training on Advanced Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Outlook: Discover Little-Known Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Workflow (morning session 2003, afternoon session 2007). Are you buried by hundreds (or thousands!) of email messages? Do you spend hours every day in your inbox? If you have a hard time keeping up with your email, attend this training with Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro®, a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) in Outlook. She will demonstrate ADVANCED Outlook methods with her actual Outlook software and an LCD projector. This is not simple computer training—it is workflow processing—where you’ll learn to use Outlook … [Read more...]

How to Set Up an Effective Office Space in Your Home

I’ve worked full-time from my home since 1992 and can’t imagine doing it any other way. Whether you work full time out of your home, occasionally telecommute, catch up on work in the evening, or run a household, you need some sort of dedicated “office” space in your home. Offices can serve as the family computer center, a place to do paperwork, and the occasional work-at-home office. The first big question is where to locate your home office. Until the last few years, most builders didn’t catch on to the popularity of a built-in home office. If you have a computer, you probably need more than an antique writing desk in the living room. But if you only use your “office” to pay bills, write letters, and return phone calls, you can get away with a corner of the kitchen. In most homes, … [Read more...]