The First 90 Days: Tips to Keep You On Top

The First 90 Days: Tips to Keep You On Top by Laura Stack #productivity #first90

In mid-January, LinkedIn's Amy Chen asked the columnists to answer a question: "What's your best tip for navigating the #First90 days on the job?" First, you may be wondering, why 90 days? Because that's a standard business quarter. Your superiors and coworkers will decide they have you figured out by then (even if they haven’t). This means you'd best impress them quickly; because as the cliché goes, you never have a second chance to make a first impression. People are wired to assess others rapidly, so how you act and what you accomplish in your first weeks will establish their opinion of you, and that can be very difficult to change later. As much as you can and is made available, study your job requirements well before your first day, and be ready to jump in on the first day. Be … [Read more...]