By Popular Demand: Time Management for High School and College Students

By Popular Demand: Time Management for High School and College Students by Laura Stack #productivity

Both high school and college can, in their own ways, be as challenging as any job. So as you prepare yourself for adult life, it's important to become well-grounded in one of the most critical aspects of any successful career: good time management. Now, you can't really manage time of course; but you can manage how you respond to it, and you can certainly learn how to use it wisely. In this article, I'll offers pointers on how you can put your limited amount of time to the best possible use. Not only will implementing these techniques help you do better in school while carving out more time for yourself, while you're still in school you'll have a test-bed where you can refine these methods in anticipation of the day when you step fully into the business world. The Basics of … [Read more...]

Increasing Productivity: The Productivity Minute #15: Back To School Goal Setting For Parents And Their Kids

Back to school goal setting for parents and their kids. How can we as parents help our children to be more productive? Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro(R), talks about how we can be proactive and help our children plan for success in school. (C) 2009 Laura Stack. All rights reserved. … [Read more...]

Staying Productive During Back to School Time

It’s back to school time!  With three kids in elementary and middle school, this is a New Year of sorts for parents.  Here are some tips to help you stay sane and productive: Back-to-the-Future. The first step in moving forward with back-to-school resolutions is to take a look back. What were the situations from the previous school year that could use improvement? Did your child often miss the bus? Did they have a hard time making the honor roll or even passing grades? Was everyone too busy to sit down for dinner together? Once you figure out what areas need improvement, it will help set goals for the upcoming year. Talk to your children. Whether your school-age children are in elementary school or high school, talk to them about areas they would like to see change, both personally and … [Read more...]