Do Not Overload Yourself

It’s not productive to take on too much. How to keep from overloading yourself.
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  1. Karen Rich says:

    This statement is true at work, but it is also true in the volunteer world. I call it the “Swiss Cheese” disaster, meaning there are holes in the roster when someone leaves their — FIVE — jobs (or more). One gentleman recently left our Scout troop due to a job change and it took 3 people to replace him! You’re not doing the organization any favors when you wear too many hats.

    • Funny, this caught my eye because I was thinking about Scouting commitments.

    • Laura Stack says:

      So true! Taking on too many tasks can result in doing them all poorly or halfway vs. creating excellent results on a few.

  2. Very true. The more we try to do, the less we will accomplish.
    It all makes sense.
    It is better to have 1 completed project than to have 7 unfinished projects.
    Every morning I try to focus and do the most important thing that will give me the most result, my one thing.
    And I’m feeling satisfied with what I have accomplished so far.

    Thanks for sharing, Laura. 🙂

  3. Kelly Edgerton says:

    Somewhere I am lacking time management that now my supervisor is reevaluating me in my position! You have so many options to read on its hard to know where to start. Where is my main fault? Do you recommend a specific book/ebook to start in guiding me in the right direction? I know the work load can be manageable! I know it can! But somehow the prioritizing with interruption is discouraging. I worked so hard to get where I am now to just lose it because of my weakness in time management.

  4. Hi Kelly! The best way to discover your biggest challenges and where you might start is to take the FREE online assessments from my book at I’d recommend either The Productivity Workflow Formula (PWF) Assessment or How P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E Are You for you to get started. Have fun!