Creating a Culture of Accountability

Today, Laura shares thoughts on encouraging accountability in your organization.

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  1. That is so true!

    I’ve been in jobs where my colleagues just don’t feel motivated enough to do their jobs, because they feel as though their input in unappreciated, like what they do makes no difference to the company. I have to admit, I may have had times when I too was like that!

    It is important to have meaning to our jobs. We are there for a high percentage of our lives! If we aren’t happy or feel valued, it’s going to definitely affect our performance.

    • Jeff, I think we can all remember times we’ve felt devalued like that…and it certainly wouldn’t have taken a lot of effort to show appreciation. Sometimes a little sticky note, a gift card, or a pat on the back is all that’s needed. I think the worst is to feel ignored or taken for granted. “Thank you” goes a long way!