Time Management Skills: Group Productivity Issues

Time management training tends to focus on individual workplace productivity; and while that’s all well and good, most of us actually work within team environments. It’s not a good idea, therefore, to just ignore the productivity issues affecting your coworkers. Your team workflow process can’t function smoothly if the individual parts are broken.

Raising awareness of group productivity issues requires little more than circulating an informal survey among your teammates, and then distributing the results. Simply ask something like, “What are your X biggest time management challenges?” You can make “X” any number you like, depending on how much time and resources you have to dedicate to the issue.

Needless to say, your team’s manager bears the ultimate responsibility for maintaining an awareness of overall productivity issues; and if you manage the team, then you can implement the survey yourself easily enough. If you don’t, consider approaching your manager and offering to take on the responsibility. They’ll probably appreciate your initiative.

Admittedly, this means a little more work for you. However, it takes very little time to initiate the process, and if handled properly, it will increase your team’s overall productivity—which should shave some time and costs off your organization’s bottom line.

I recommend you circulate the survey quarterly, and then make an effort to help your colleagues address their biggest problems. Again, this needn’t take forever, especially if you leverage the copious resources available online; and in a time = money sense, it certainly justifies any effort you put into it.

Even better, you can invest a few bucks in a copy of my new book, What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do, scheduled to hit the bookstores in mid-2012. This slim volume includes simple, direct ways to cut back on your task list and face down the workplace productivity monster. Watch for it!



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